Friday, April 29, 2011

to-do list.

every once in awhile i like to make a list of the things i want to do around here. i feel like it 1) makes me feel more motivated to get them done and 2) makes me feel like i have less things to remember all bouncing around in my noggin. it motivates and de-stresses all at the same time. plus it's just kinda fun to think about future projects and the fun things i want to do : )

1. this month i am finally going to put the knobs on my dresser. i mean it. this is happening people. it must. it has been way too long waiting for this to be finished. it just drilling some holes and screwing knobs in jessica. get with it.

2. i want to change the guest bathroom around... put new color in there. maybe paint. i don't know. i like everything to be painted even though i have to paint it aaaaall back when we move. but i can't help it! oops... this is a to-do list. not a place where i defend my paint-crazy. anyway, i have chosen colors i think but i don't want to say just yet. maybe it'll be a surprise once it's done. i just found a crazy awesome color combo that i am so in love with, but i am afraid it's getting popular and then everyone will have it. i know that is silly, but i don't want my home to look like every other person's home in the world!

3. i am going to put lamp shades on these guys:
i just have to figure out how... and then find some for really cheap. but it is so happening. somehow....

4. i want to put some sort of scripture or something on this wall
we're choosing one that means something to us personally, then we'll put it up there : )

5. create artwork for both bathrooms... i have an idea for this! i am excited!

6. finish/fix the horrendous job i did on our sad office chair. this is thankfully in process now. i ordered something (!!!!) for it to be fixed, and i sure hope it works.. if it does i will be so happy!!! and it'll be really cool.

7. finish the kitchen cabinets. sadly i must admit that i have not finished these yet... i am being a bum about it. there are only two little sections left! come on me! hmm... i just don't feel like it. tomorrow morning i am recruiting phil and we are finishing it. end of story.!

8. finish the headboard... there might be a light at the end of this tunnel! this might also get some work done on it tomorrow. we'll seeeeeeee : )

9. buy and hang new curtains for bedroom and sunroom.. this consists of buying new rods to fit the large windows... which usually costs a good chunk of change so it might not be happening for awhile.

10. buy new and way more awesome throw pillows... just because i want to. : )

11. make a side table and perhaps some sort of coffee table. i have some inspiration for both of these projects.. now just if i had some money..... hmm.. where can i get some of that?

12. get cheap glass tops (somehow... how do i do that?) for our dining room table and our side tables next to the bed.

13. paint dining room table.

14. do something about our little tv stand.... it needs assistance.

15. take backing off of the book shelf (it's some kind of poster-y paper-y substance that is torn) and replace with something cool.. maybe beadboard... then paint it a fabulous color perhaps. who knows.

ok so i maybe put too many things on the list... but 10 didn't seem like enough and i didn't want a list of like, 13 things. that's just weird. it needed to be either 10 or 15 in my mind. i don't know whyyy, it just is. also, i can think of about 17 more things if i try but i mean, let's not get crazy here! i don't want to be overwhelmed i just want a list i can see and knock things out one at a time. fun! here i go!

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  1. you are crazy just like me! i cannot have a random number of anything. it has to be like 5 or 10 or 20. you won't find 12 pictures on my wall, it will more likely be 15 or 10. can't handle it! :)

    as to #9 - have you looked into pvc pipe? it is cheap and you can spray paint it any color you want! :)


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