Saturday, April 2, 2011

spring break!!!!

my husband is officially on spring break!! oh my gosh, projects galore going on around here!! here is a list of things that are (hopefully probably) getting done this week!!!:

*paint stripes in the sunroom (so completely excited about this)
*paint the kitchen
*make and paint a headboard (psh, easy peasy)
*(maybe) paint a pattern on half wall.... debating if i want this done or not (i can't make up my mind!!!)
*make and hang entry way chalk board
*cover ugly horrendous cabinets in kitchen and bath (oh i know i will be walking on clouds when this gets done!!)

hmm... it seems like there are more things but i can't remember them all.. i need a focus!! i am going project crazy! for instance, all i did this morning was start on projects... and made a cake.. i didn't even eat breakfast. yikes! i'm so excited!!

i will leave you with my inspiration for the sunroom done by this lovely lady

seriously. gor-GEOUS! so jealous right now... : )

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