Monday, April 25, 2011

finally a cabinet post.

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today i feel antsy. i feel the need to do some little projects around here... i just feel this crazy urge to do something. even though i have a love-hate relationship with the glue gun, i just want to get it out and use it. preferably for good and not evil... : )

well it's been awhile since i finished my bathroom cabinets. i am not really finished with the master bathroom yet, but i figured it's time for some update pictures. these are my lovely bathroom cabinets before i tackled my contact paper project:

ignore the kitty litter on the floor... that is constantly there no matter how hard me and my vacuum try.

and these are the only weapons i needed to annihilate these suckers

plus a screwdriver or drill... or something of that nature : )

i simply removed the doors, then the hinges from the doors. i measured them on top of the paper and cut out what i needed! the backing of the paper even has inches marked off along the sides and all these little dots you can follow so you get straight lines. it was so so so super easy. a little tiny bit time consuming, but it really doesn't take that long. well.. the bathroom ones didn't anyway : ) then i cut out the right sizes for all the trim that goes around the doors and drawers. it was a sinch (cinch? i don't know). and here they are after their little facelift!!!

  yep that is me blurred in the mirror... i was wearing my jammies... : )

these are the curtains i made from two pillow cases and an old ribbon i already had. i cut the pillow cases down the side then i cut the bottom so i just had a flat rectangle. i glued the ribbon along the part that was cut, then i used the tab part of the pillowcase to put a spring rod through. i used 2 pillow cases to make them look fuller. it cost me $5. that's all. 5 bucks! to finally cover up all my junk super necessary stuff! totally worth it. : )

way better, right? and it doesn't look like a $10 roll of contact paper to me. it looks pretty much like i painted them. the effect is just so nice! i'm loving that bathroom way more now. however, in true jessica fashion, i now want to paint in there. of course. i might have to fight off that urge considering i already will have to re-paint every other room in the apartment when we move out. i am not sure i want to add to that list... but my urges to paint generally defeat me. we'll see. : )


  1. wow ... what a great idea!!! I have the ugliest cabinets in my bathroom and since we rent we don't want to replace them ... huuuumm ... I see a new project in my future!!

  2. jessica that is awesome! i can't believe it is contact paper. it looks just like paint in the pictures! and i love the little curtain - so cute! :) great job!

  3. it looks great!! i love the materials you used--so clever! :)

  4. What a great idea...much easier than painting them! I love the curtain too!

  5. What a wonderful and creative idea! I also love the curtain! If you have some time I'd love for you to share this at my party!

    Simply Creations Link Party #9

  6. Wow this looks great, clever ideas.

  7. Hello, I love it!! I'm renting and would love to do this to my kitchen cabinets, but am afraid it would lift the wood when I take it off or leave a horrible residue. Have you experienced this at all?


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