Thursday, April 14, 2011

a black wall. eek!

ok... this is going to be full disclosure time. i am a little nervous that ya'll (i live in georgia now.. they laugh at me when i say "you guys") will think i am a slob when i tell this story... oh well. here is our half wall that looks into the kitchen:

ummm.. if you look (it doesn't have to be that closely) something spilled all over the wall. the tv used to be in this spot and well... what happened was.. i set cranberry juice on top of it and somehow it got knocked over.. behind the tv.. all over the wall and carpet. i tried to clean it up but i could not get to it. then i forgot about it. then we rearranged our furniture and it aaall came crashing back to me. so i scrubbed mister wall and mister carpet.. it didn't work very well after months of the juice being all over it. the carpet was a little more cooperative than the wall actually..

anyway, i didn't fret too much about the wall. i knew it was going to be painted something.. some day.. i just had to figure out which color. from my last post you know i am madly in love with my harbor color paint. however, i knew that i should not have this color on every wall in my apartment. i didn't want to walk in and be assaulted with blue every which way i looked. so then i thought of brown.. but i wasn't sure. i don't know why, but it just didn't excite me. then i noticed something. the pictures of fruit on that wall have black, blue and red in them. so i thought, "ohmygoodness... should i use black? nooo.... thats crazy.... i cant.... i mean.. isn't that too.....??" then i looked at this wall

and i noticed how much i liked the black with the blue... so.. i decided i just might go for it. i can always repaint if i need to, right? then the only people who will know i did this crazy thing will be me and my husband when he comes home and sees a black wall staring him in the face... : ) so i got out my trusty black paint i already had..

yikes. super black. i taped my wall and took a deep breath. then another. and probably a few more. and put some black paint on my wall.

lovely cranberry juice stain, huh?

then i put some more black on.. and some more. until it was finished. i will be honest with you. i was a little hesitant to step back and take a look. usually when i do a project it takes me about 17 times longer than most people to finish because i CONSTANTLY step back to look at and admire it (or see what needs to be fixed). i did not do that with this wall. nope. i just painted in blissful ignorance so i didn't have to see if my risk was a big ol' giant failure. finally the time came. i had to wash my paintbrush at some point. so i looked....

and i decided it was pretty cool looking. i had to say... i even kind of liked it. maybe i liked it a lot. so i would say this risky little game paid off in the end. even though the first thing i heard when phil came home was, "whoa!! .... hey! i see the wall is black! wow!!...." hahaha he likes it now : )

and this is what she looks like with the kitchen all painted and pretty : )

totally making me happy.. and the cats think it makes their little kitty pad look totally awesome ; )

!!just you wait until all the cabinets are white!!! it will look so great!!!


  1. oooh i loooove it! it really makes the blue in the kitchen pop and when you get those cabinets done it will look even better!

    lesson learned: take a risk - sometimes it pays off BRILLIANTLY! :)

  2. I love it! I will admit I was hesitant at first, but once I saw the picture I thought it looked great!

  3. I love it! When I first read you were going to paint in black, I too was like ummm, that's brave. Lol, but it turned out great! Way to go. :)


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