Thursday, April 28, 2011

incredible. marshalls finds.

i am in love with marshalls. if i wasn't before (trust me, i was.) i certainly am now. hol. y. cow. i have seriously scored big the past 2 marshalls trips. you will be jealous. this is not my intention. it is just so you can have the same experience i have and go to your marshalls and find these incredible finds yourself. *warning* you WILL want to go to marshalls/tj maxx when i get done. i promise this. so if you hate those stores (in which case i need to have a serious talk with you) or really don't want the temptation to go shopping then quit reading. seriously. go read a book or something. i'm serious. : )

it all started a couple months ago. i saw this purse in a magazine. i searched high and low for it. then i saw it at dillards there. for a cool 90 bucks. sure. that's happening. i knew it would never ever happen when i said, "oh geeeeee. phil! it's 88 dollars!!" and he said something like, "maybe they have one like it at a cheaper store." ...... yah. not getting it. ever. haha i didn't blame him or expect anything else. i wouldn't want to buy a purse for that price. if i did that, i would have to frame it and never ever use it. not ever. last time i checked purses are not meant for that. soooo i had the dream that maybe next season i would find it at marshalls or something.... maybe... if the conditions were right and i found it before anybody else did.... fat chance... OR NOT!

here she is!!!!! sitting in MY apartment!!! on MY chair! and no, it is no knock offno phil and i did not suddenly go mad and decide to spend $100 of hard earned money on a bag. and no i did not steal it. it is here because it was at marshalls. for... get ready.... 40 dollars!!!! that's it! 40 people! originally 88 dollars?!?!??!!! and it's from THIS season. meaning, i can still go into dillards TODAY and look at it priced for $88. yep. this is how it went down. (it is a good story):

i walked into marshalls for the second time in 2 days. (i said i love it!) as i was walking toward the bag section with my wonderful, beautiful, generous and lovely sister i said, "i keep hoping someday they will have the jessica bag i want so much.... i don't think they ever will...." literally 1 minute later my sister said, "hey, look at this bag!" and then my mouth DROPPED to the floor. i said, "OHMYGOSH!THAT'STHEBAG!!!!!" all together like that too. i knew i couldn't buy it. i had just spent $50 the day before (i will talk about that in a sec) but i couldn't help it. i carried the bag around the store like a pathetic child. just wishing somebody would understand my pain and buy this bag and let me have it. that amazing person was my sister. yep. i put the bag back on the shelf (as much as it tore at my heart to do it) and she picked it back up and carried it to the register. then she paid for it and gave it to me... what a kind hearted soul. : ) i don't know if she did it because she loves me and wanted me to have it, or because she knew that for the next 3 years i would be talking about how i should have just gotten the bag.. either way, i am now the proud owner of this gorgeous bag (at more than half off!) because of her : )

let me talk about the day before this now. i bought 2 pillow cases for $5 to make into curtains for under my master bath counter which you can see here. i bought some jessica simpson sunglasses for $12 and a case for them for $7. i also bought a camisole and the best part, rampage shoes for $20! i couldn't find them online so they are probably from last season, but i am so not caring. they are adorable and as far as i know, rampage shoes at macys are generally between 40 and 50 bucks at least. so let's see here... i probably saved at least $5 on the pillow cases, the glasses were originally $40 so that's $28, i saved $3 on the case, $3 on the camisole, and let's just say i saved $20 on the shoes. i think that's fair : ) let me get out my calculator (yes i am math impaired, okay?)


so basically marshalls helped me save $60!!!! thats amazing. considering i wouldn't be the owner of all of these things if i hadn't found them for that cheap, not only did they save me money but brought things i could never otherwise own down to a more affordable price for me... yay!!!! man. that is a legendary weekend at marshalls. : )

okay, be honest. who is now wanting to go shopping here? i warned you. : )


  1. My mom swears by Marshalls! I wish I had one in VA by me..loving the shoes, beautiful!! :)

  2. we have a TJMaxx in town but it is the bane of my existence to go in the and look at things. i'm more of a "buy-the-outfit-off-the-mannequin" type gal. sometimes i will persue the home stuff but i don't like to clothes shop in there even though i hear stories all the time about the amazing stuff people get for cheap in there! that being said - maybe i need a shopping guide or something next time i go!

    here is the other reason i don't go to places like that: my rationalization skills, or lack thereof. i would have bought all that stuff, added up the "savings" and then said - oh i have an extra $60 to spend on a purse! so it never saves me any money anyways! lol!

    either way - that purse is super cute and i am drooling over those shoes! such great spring stuff!! yay!


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