Thursday, April 7, 2011

my very very first ever guest post!!!!

so today i am guest posting at a blog friend's blog called "neathering our fest"! a little while ago i saw a cool post about a front yard overhaul. so awesome. so i commented on it, and skye (the lovely writer of this great blog) asked ME to guest post on HER blog while she is off having a fabulous time in spain (so jealous!!!). i was so incredibly happy to do this! and totally honored that somebody would consider me a good enough blogger that she would trust me with her blog! whoa.

so if you would pleeeeaase go on over to neathering our fest to read my post for the day, i know we would both love it! aaand if you are over here from skye's blog then, welcome!! please stick around! click the follow button over there! you know, whatever... : )

this is such an exciting day! my husband is taking me on a real live date tonight : )! anddd my first ever guest post!!! this has given me new energy to accomplish more projects!

note: if you are new here, i promise i will use significantly less exclamation points next time. skye and i have decided it may be an addiction that requires medication... we're looking into it ; )

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