Saturday, April 16, 2011

a new love teaching me about wifing.

i am in love with a few other men besides my husband. he knows it and is pretty okay with it. mostly because most of the men i am in love are either fictional or would need the words "the late ---" in front of their names. (breaking my poor little heart!!) these are some of the men i am just mad about : )

The oh-so-dreamy late great jimmy stewart

i actually fell in love with him as george bailey. i do believe he was one of my very first loves in my life. i mean, really though. how can you not love this face?

mister cary grant

i am not sure how or when i decided i loved this man, but i do know that "holiday" with katharine hepburn is one of my very favorite movies ever. which he is a total doll in, by the way : )

"to kill a mockingbird"s atticus finch

i believe my mom is responsible for my crush on atticus.. but i'm not sure. she loves gregory peck (who wouldn't?) but after reading the book and watching the movie well... i have a major crush on mr. finch : )

and of course every woman's favorite character mr. darcy

do i even need to eplain this? i think not.

well what does all this have to do with housewifing? well i have fallen in love with a new man who has been teaching me about being a good wife. yep. i have been looking for new tv shows to watch and netflix has the entire "dick van dyke show" series online. so i thought, eh what the heck. why not? and that is when i developed a major crush on rob petrie.

he is so sweet to laura, his wife. watching this show made me realize what a good wife used to look like. laura is always supportive of rob. she respects him, is proud of him, builds him up, works hard at home for him... i am not saying we should go back to the days when women were treated as baby and home making machines, but watching this show made me realize something. i treat phil like i see other women treating their husbands, even fake tv wives. sadly, if you look at most shows with married couples these days, the husband is almost always depicted as a fool who basically has nothing together. they seemingly can't do anything right. then the wife is all mad and screaming at him for being a moron and treats him coldly. seriously. think about it. how many shows do you watch where the husband does everything wrong and is made to look kind of stupid, meanwhile the wife seems to have everything together. then when he screws up, he spends every episode trying to make it up to her. i mean, these shows can be really funny sometimes, but i realized i have to be careful i am not picking up any traits of these wives. since i started watching "the dick van dyke show" i have been so motivated to be a good wife to my husband. laura petrie is a total role model for me. i would much rather be the sweet, adoring wife of a good hard working man than a cold nasty wretch treating my husband as though he is a complete fool. if that means i have to admit i don't have it all together and that he can do many things better than i can, then i can humble myself and do that.

i don't know if these words are as eye opening as they were in my head... when i realized them... hehe... but i didn't realize that tv shows were skewing my view of marriage and so maybe one of you is helped by this too. and if you have netflix i would COMPLETELY recommend this show. it is entertaining, funny and a tad corny. and who doesn't love a little corny in their lives? come on. if you can watch lifetime movies, you can watch this show. no problem. : )


  1. Very eye opening!!! I definitely think I do some of the same things as shows do. I didn't realize it until now...and that is really sad. I wouldn't say I'm half as bad, but I still can be a much better wife than I am. I think that's so important always striving to be a better spouse. Thanks for this, Jess. We have netflix so I'll have to watch it sometime. I could now, but I feel like I might fall asleep during it :) I'm sleepy already and it's not even 10 on a Saturday night. Times change.

  2. great post! of course i believe that tv now-a-days totally skews our vision on life and how we "should" be living it but i never pinpointed anything as specific as how a wife treats her husband but you are spot on! thanks for posting - good stuff! :) have a good sunday!

  3. Good Job Once again. You are someone I am enjoying to follow! Glad I know you personally! :)Keep up the great work and Please do OPEN my EYES SOMEMORE! :)


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