Thursday, April 21, 2011

a garden wedding in the city.

i have seen so many posts lately about weddings. many people actually just revisiting their weddings from years ago, and this made me want to share mine. i loved my wedding. well obviously i got to marry phil that day so i was so so happy, but just talking about the actual wedding, it was just what i wanted. it took on about 8 different identities before it came to be. it was going to be in a tent with lots of purple and green. then it was going to be whimsical and have fruit in the centerpieces and the colors were going to be pink and yellow. then the colors were changed to pink and green. then we lost the whimsy fruit idea. then we changed the location from a tent to well, we didn't really know where but the tent idea seemed to have way too many variables to it and i knew i wanted it to be stress-free.

that's when we found the houston mill house. an adorable little old cottage-y looking house that sits in a beautiful garden in the middle of atlanta. using this place meant keeping the wedding small which to me = perfect. we had 70 people join us the day we made a covenant to each other and the Lord to be husband and wife as long as we live. it was so perfect. we held it on a friday evening in the garden. it was cloudy and lovely. i felt like everything around me was beautiful and it just added to the beauty of marrying the best man i ever knew. here are some of my favorite things about our wedding.

can you see why everything felt so beautiful all day? because everything was. this was my favorite day of my life so far. everything was perfect. there were a couple scary mintues where we couldn't find our marriage license.. and i believe the ipod we hooked up for the reception was m.i.a. for a few sketchy moments. and there was the giant threat of rain. but everything was found and the rain steered clear. God just smiled on us and the beginning of our marriage that day. the day after the wedding was a total disaster, but that blog is for another day haha ; )


  1. Wow u had a beautiful wedding!! Sorry I missed that, it looked lovely!

  2. You had a very beautiful wedding!


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