Saturday, April 23, 2011

easter is coming!!

i am so excited to celebrate easter tomorrow!! i love to remember and celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf. to remember where i was headed and the fact that he endured everything to rescue me and pay my ransom. he left his place in heaven and humbled himself to the will of the Father, that we might be forgiven and free. so that we could have life and relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. one of my favorite parts of the gospels is when the veil is torn. signifying the breaking down of the barrier between us and God, and now we can come to him freely and completely clean and forgiven....!!!! that's the best news i think i ever heard! i love easter!!!! it's when we remember that yes, he died on our behalf... but we serve a living God who rose again! he isn't dead, but he demonstrated his power and authority by conquering death. i mean, authority over death? that's an amazing God right there. ohhh i just love this time..


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