Tuesday, April 5, 2011

crazy. week.

i realize it is only tuesday... it's tuesday, right? hmm. yes my computer says it is.. so as i was saying, i realize it is only tuesday but i feel like this week is just out of control! or as we used to say in college when i thought i was so cool, O-O-C. remember that nice long list of things i want to do while my husband is home for spring break? well... i still want to do those things, but i have already hit a wall. did i mention it's tuesday? this could be problematic for my list. did i also mention we are completely out of food and desperately need to go grocery shopping? but i haven't even made a list yet. and i don't want to. because i am exhausted. and i want to just sit and do nothing for 10 minutes. what is it about having projects that makes me think they all need to be done immediately? i guess i just get too excited for how my home will look afterwards so i push and push myself to get it all done. and then i hate life so maybe i need to pace myself in the future. that's a valuable lesson.

all worries shall be forgotten however when mister UPS gets here with these

oh yes, these will be coming to my door in a size 9 "some time before the end of the day" according to the tracker. nice estimate. i don't even care though. i will put them on and be oh so happy! i mean really, look at that color! : )


  1. Hey Jessica! I just wanted to leave a quick comment. I saw your post over at nethering our fest, and I loved it! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts, and I am now following your blog. :)

    Have a great day!

  2. those are the cutest shoes and i loooove the honeysuckle color! :)


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