Wednesday, April 20, 2011

one of my favorite decor pals.

i love using books while decorating. they can do so much. if a lamp should be just a little taller, put a pretty book under it. if a space needs just a little more color, add a book. if you need to add height on a mantle, stack something on top of some nice books. they seriously solve so many problems. not to mention, they are generally just found laying around the house, so they are free! we have about a gazillion books, both having gone to college... and the fact that i think phil has a secret desire to be a librarian.. at his own library... : ) he loves books and i don't really blame him. even though i may have to reign him in occasionally.... but he does that with me and reeses peanut butter eggs, so we're even.

anywaayyyy... so books. i have them everywhere. maybe i just love their colors... maybe i just like feeling smart and having books all over... whatever the reason, books are one of my favorite decorating tools. here we go now, a tour of my book decor ; )

here they are adding color and height to my mantle

adding a little color to a shelf

helping some lamps look a little taller

adding color and assistance... i may or may not have hung that clock too high. but by adding books, it's not as noticable!

these books were added for two reasons. to bring color to a white counter and black wall and also because i may have hung that art work a tad too high on the wall.. i was lazy and didn't measure. instead of moving it down and putting new holes in the wall, i moved the other things up to it with a couple pretty books. problem solved!!

these are just some books i use as decor. but once you take a jacket off of a book, it seems too pretty to just gather dust on a shelf or in a box (if you're like me and don't have enough shelves for all your books). i like to think i'm helping them out while they help me out. what do they call that? a symbiotic relationship? yes. that is what books and i have. : )


  1. Awe, your book decor is very cute. :) I may have to do this in some rooms!

  2. I wish there was a Love button. I noticed books on a counter in an earlier post. But did not think anything of it..Now it is amazing ..I learned something NEW!! :)

  3. i may or may not have a stash of peanut butter eggs in my desk drawer... it is my favorite part of Easter, besides, you know, Jesus and all :)

    i love all the books! i have a ton of books that i need to start decorating with - great ideas! :)


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