Monday, April 11, 2011

sisterhood of the traveling paint.

i am desperately in love with the blue i used in my apartment. it's from the behr line and it's called 'harbor' (i of course color matched it so i could buy a gallon of america's finest paint for $10 instead of a gallon of behr for $30.. we're renting. i don't need this paint to last me 30 years or anything..). i. love. it. i am a little afraid i might paint everything in life this color. phil comes home surprised every day that i haven't painted hobbes blue as well. his little orange fur totally clashes but i just love him the way he is ; )

aaanyyywaayyy.. i decided the blue would go well in the kitchen too. i have a lot of green appliances and things in the kitchen and when i was at ikea i saw the same color green stuff against a blue wall. i fell in love. i knew i had to do it. the blue is mixed with red in the rest of the apartment, but i thought the same color blue might tie the kitchen in with everything else even though i used green. i believe this was an accurate assessment. : )



i am still in the process of covering the cabinets with white paper, so it will look even better when that's done. (i can't wait until that's all done!!!!) but i swear this blue just makes everything better! it's like sisterhood of the traveling paint, it looks good in every room. unfortunately i need to stop myself. i really do not want to overwhelm myself and everybody who walks in with harbor everywhere they look. i think this is the end of this paint's journey.... probably... ; )


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