Friday, April 1, 2011

so inspired right now.

lately i have been wondering why i am doing this blog. i know i know. i literally JUST started it. but are you aware of how many amazing decor/wifey/mom/budgety blogs there are out there? like, 55 billion. (i don't know if that's an exact number but i mean, it's a lot.) and it seems that every single one is better than mine. i mean, i literally have no extra money to be doing projects so all of mine have to be super cheap. i also have very little experience in this area. it makes me feel so inadequate. i feel like i have a negative amount of creativity when i look at these other women's blogs and they do such amazing things and have such good ideas. it seems like they are more interesting writers, have prettier homes, take better pictures, have better ideas... i guess i just want my blog to be as good and inspiring as theirs, but i feel that my blog is sooo lacking compared to theirs.

then i read thrifty decor chick's blog today. it's about not doing it all. being so NOT perfect. she says she never ever wants people to leave her blog feeling inadequate because she is all about inspiring people. well then i had a total girly moment where it seriously brought me to tears a little bit. it's easy to feel inadequate or second rate when there are so many great people with great blogs. i think it's the same in every single area of life. we are always looking at ourselves and comparing to others and thinking, 'i am nowhere NEAR as good as this person'. and that might be true.. but i suppose if my blog even inspires just one itty bitty person, then it's totally worth it. that is the whole point anyway. it's just too easy to start thinking, 'is there even room for my blog out here? with all of these similar but so much better blogs, does mine even need to exist? is it redundant? who even cares about my blog?' ......

but i started this blog because it seemed fun. it is challenging me to make my home look good to me. and i hope it might challenge somebody else too. i am glad for the thrifty decor chick's post today though. it put some confidence back in me and showed me again that nobody has a perfect home, and that is okay. if my blog never amounts to very much, that's okay. i didn't start it so i could be awesome. i started it to have fun, inspire (hopefully), and challenge myself to work on my space without fear. in the spirit of imperfection (and since i hate posting a blog without at least one picture) here is my apartment as i type this:

what you can't see is how desperately my carpet needs to be vaccuumed since this is where i do all my crafts : )

i love being real. : )

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  1. I always look forward to reading your blog! You have already inspired me many times :)


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