Thursday, March 31, 2011

the nester is at it again.

this lovely lady inspires me pretty much every day. i was going through archives of hers (i know, i think i may need a doctor if she ever stops blogging) and she had an entry about rearranging furniture. this is something i desperately wanted to do in my apartment. when i bought my enormous gorgeous sofa that i am completely in love with they brought it in and we quickly discovered it was way too giant for my space... or so we thought! so after much moving around we thought the only good option was this one:

ignore the fact that the chair in the sunroom is moved around daily.

the sofa pushed against the wall in what is "supposed" to be the dining room, the biggest tv in creation in the middle of the room practically and nowhere to sit other than the couch. yep, it was a problem. i hated it like this. the huge tv seemed to be right in the middle of the apartment and i thought the only solution was to get a new (flat screen for heavens sake) tv. not. so. this is where the nester comes in!

here the nester talks about being an optimist and just knowing there has to be a perfect solution for every family for every space. i was nervous to try this little game of moving furniture because 1) i THOUGHT it was already in the best position so i was thinking i was just setting myself up for failure and 2) our tv weighs more than the earth i am pretty sure. so every time we move it (which has been quite a few times since we've moved here.. poor husband!) we have to lift this thing onto a rolly chair and push it to its new spot.. yah, we are pretty much just asking for our tv to fall and smash on the ground. so i thought, "oh sheesh phil is going to have a heart attack that i want to move things again.." but thankfully i have a wonderful husband who has more patience than Jesus (i realize this is impossible, it's just an expression people) and willingly helped me move the furniture even though i thought it would likely be a fail.. well what do you guys think?


ignore the strategically placed cat furniture.. i have issues with certain little guys scratching my sofa..
    pre- chair covering catastrophe followed by major success : )

i think i like this situation much better. even though mister sofa is right in the middle of everything, i am so glad mister tv isn't. truth be told, my sofa is wayyy prettier than my tv (sorry tv, it's the truth). besides, the nester inspired me by saying it doesn't matter if other people like it/think it's the weirdest thing they have ever seen in their lives, what matters is that it works for you and your family. this works way better than the tv blocking the walkway and the kitchen look-out thingy (i'm not an architect, ok? i don't know what they call those hole cut out things!) and having a big black cord wrapping around the corner to the nearest outlet since that little nook was not MEANT to have a tv in front of it (no outlet). this little arrangement makes me much happier so i call it a success!! well done us (my husband, me and of course my favorite nester for not letting me settle and letting my furniture make me unhappy)!!  

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  1. OMG we have that same exact tv. i know exactly how back-breaking heavy it is and i hate mine too. ours resides in the "man cave" though so i never have to look at it. thank GOD! :) i like the couch in the middle of the room - who says furniture needs to be pushed up against all the walls! not me - thats for sure!! as long as it makes you happy - make it work!!


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