Saturday, May 28, 2011

happy memorial day weekend!

is that kind of wrong? to be wishing a happy memorial day? when we remember huge sacrifices, i wonder if it should make us want to grill out and eat yummy food, or if it should make us feel a little more somber. i don't know. i guess we celebrate the freedom we have because of the sacrifice of tons of men and women made fighting for it. somehow as i think about it though, it doesn't seem right to get stuffed with food and pies and lemonade... i mean, if you go to the memorial monuments, people are silent and still. thanking God and the people who gave their lives for our liberty and for what this country stands for. they don't eat a hotdog and swig lemonade and beers because that would be disrespectful. maybe there's a place for both things on memorial day though. to be thoughtful and reflective and to take time to really think about what those who died did for us, and to celebrate because we are free to do so because of what they did. i hope i remember to remember what memorial day is: not just a day off work to hang out and have fun.

that being said, i do hope you guys are all happy on that day! phil's parents are coming into town sunday night and leaving tuesday morning, so we are having both my parents and his parents here for dinner sunday evening! then we are just entertaining phil's parents on memorial day. there has been big talk of a battlefield visit : ) phil's dad really loves to visit old battlefields so that may be in the plans, who knows? anyway, i thought i would just share the fun menu with you that we came up with for this weekend. it sounds so yummy!

the salad will be made minus the chicken and it can be found here. i'll be making beef stuffed peppers found here minus the rice because i wanted that separate. the rice recipe is this one here that we love and have made before. it's easy and yummy. and then we'll be having sundaes for dessert. the one pictured is here. i just liked this picture, but i'm just serving ours with fudge, strawberry and other random toppings.

monday we're having brunch. yummmm, i love brunch. and i'm making one of my all time favorite yummy brunch foods.

the casserole is this one that i looove. has to be so bad for a person, but it is seriously hard to care while eating. the only difference i make is i use maple flavored sausage in it... yummmm. fruit salad to go with since it makes you feel a little better that you just ate a cheesy, meaty, potatoey goodness. picture via, and of course some yummy raspberry lemonade picture via.

monday dinner i'll be making

chucks favorite mac and cheese which i will be trying for the first time. it looks absolutely wonderful though. then some good ol' fashioned beef franks via and apple crumb pie for dessert. this will be my second pie crust attempt, that is why we are having easy to make food. in case i mess up the pie, at least we'll have good food haha.

when i plan menus it's about making food that seems dificult to make when you're eating, but in reality isn't very difficult or stressful. except the pie. i am a little nervous about that haha. but that's also why it only has one crust : ) i think it's important to have good food, but also something that'll be easy and quick, and preferably something you can make ahead of time. i'm excited to be a hostess for this weekend! what are y'alls plans for memorial day?


  1. That all looks and sounds so yummy! I hope you have a great memorial day weekend!

  2. all of that looks so yummy! what time should we be over for dinner monday - hot dogs and mac-n-cheese is my husband's favorite meal! :) happy memorial day to you as well and i hope you enjoy your weekend! :)

  3. Everything looks so yummy!!


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