Thursday, May 26, 2011

mantel change.

"change; it's a good thing." said in my best martha stewart voice. : ) this incredibly talented and lovely lady is hosting the spring/summer mantel linky party. i haven't participated in the may'd summer party thingy because the first day was spray painting. i would love to spray paint things, but no dinero = no buying spray painto. then it was the outdoor day. fun! i would looove to do that.. but i have no money and about 3 feet of "outdoor" that belongs to me so that project will have to wait. then the summer recipe part came and well, i'm not a bril chef or anything, so i didn't have anything to really contribute. but i wanted to go to this party!! i wasn't going to change my mantel... i liked it. i put it this way in january and i dunno, it seemed good to me

not bad, right? i mean, it looks nice to me. but then i thought, well hey, it might be fun just to try and change it up. and since there is this summer mantel party going on, why not play nice with the other kids and go to a party? : ) so i thought, what's summery? white! white is summery! so i gathered all the white objects i had from around my apartment. it was kinda fun trying to be creative and thinking outside the box. putting things up on my mantel that i "hadn't bought for the mantel". you know, like since i bought a pitcher for somewhere else in my apartment i couldn't possibly use it anywhere else! haha oh gee. me.... so then it looked like this

i guess i liked it, but it seemed a tad boring to me. i love when other people do all white things but for some reason it wasn't gellin for me. i dunno. so i broke my "white is summery" rule and pulled out something else.

and i loved this side

an ikea pitcher, an ikea frame and one of our nice wine glasses (which usually holds things like juice and chocolate milk) with rice and a candle stuck in. cute. : )

but there was something about this side i didn't like

hmm is it the stand the plate is sitting on?

nope. still something i don't like....

i think it's the creamy colored book... it's not right for some reason. and there's not enough height or something... so i tried something else.

yep. i like it. : )

and since my apartment is apparently in a jungle and absolutely no light comes in during summer months (it's summer in georgia people!) i had to set my camera to outside night-time setting.. whatever it's called. which means my lens stays open for longer. which means when i'm holding it you get super blurry pictures. like this.

seriously? what was i doing, jumping jacks when i took this?

so since i have no tripod and i wanted a clear picture... i built my own tripod.

hahaha classy, huh?

hey, i'm just being real. and also i want everyone to be fully aware that i am fully aware that my pictures are all a touch blurry. except the ones i took in the treehouse tripod. nice. : )

so that's how my mantel will be for summer. and when fall comes (my favorite season ever!!) i will change it again but, just bein real, it'll be like this till then. : )

the sun came out a little more and i just couldn't resist taking a picture with a little more light.. i love natural light and i wish i had more of it in here.. *sigh*


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  1. I like your mantel! Simple and modern and you have to love 'shopping your stuff.' Thanks for commenting on my blog! :-)

  2. Love your mantel and that blue wall is so pretty. Thanks for your comments on Yummy Mummy!

  3. Oh yea! I am so liking your update. I am afraid I too leave things the same, for like...forever. It is hard for me to come up changes so easily like everyone else. I am also a new follower!

  4. the tripod...when my family and I go on nature walks or any outing we use just about anthing to build our tripod...most of the time you would never know....thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet message...i tried to respond directly to your email but you are 'non-reply blogger' to you soon...xo

  5. ps...i guess you don't have a follow button..:( I will bookmark your blog anyway..xo

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  7. I love it! Very cute. This makes me want to redo my mantel! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Jessica, the rice in the wine glass is awesome!!!

  9. I saw a great tip for a "free" tripod. The threading on your camera (for attaching to a tripod) is usually the same size/threading as the screw on the top of a lamp (where the finial screws on to hold the shade in place). A lamp makes a fantastic tripod in a pinch.


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