Friday, June 10, 2011


hey all : ) i am sorry for my slackerness and not updating in awhile. i haven't been super motivated to do projects around here lately. i haven't had much money to work with (hello, who does, right?) and to be perfectly honest i started to feel a little overwhelmed. i know, i know, my blog has been in existence for 3 months. get real jessica. i know. i should get real. : ) i just started to feel like my blog was never going to be as good as somebody like thrifty decor chick or the nester or a billion other amazing blogs.. well it seems like a billion anyway. i kept thinking, man. i will never be them. then i realized, why do i want to be them? i mean, sure i LOVE them to pieces and if they wanted to give me their homes/decorating skills/motivation/creativity/their amazing awesomeness then i would snap it up in a second. but i didn't start a blog to be them. i started it to be me. and to document what i'm doing. so if i only have 2 people (my wonderful mom and sister) who read my blog faithfully then that should be okay with me. (i say should be because i am still working on it... give me a break!) my lovely sister helped me realize this. it's not about having a bajillion followers or being the absolute best or most creative. i should be cool with being me. with doing the things i like. just because edgy graphic modern is in, that doesn't mean i need to do it. while i can appreciate it and think it's awesome, it's not what i would choose to live with every day. so whatever me, stop making me think i need to do things i don't. sheesh. i will never learn. : )

so back to the decor business. i have decided i am sick to deaaatthhhhh of red. i love the color still. i love seeing other people use it. i think it's a beautiful color. i was totally drawn to it for so long, and i think that's part of the reason i am tired of it. i am just ready for the red to be gone from my home. i realized it when i did my summer mantel change that i loved not having red around up there. i have also realized as i think more about who i am and my tastes that i have always been drawn to cool colors. i am talking like, in elementary school when my art teacher showed us a color wheel and i found out that there are opposites ends of the spectrum and all that, yah. since THEN i have liked cool colors. so that's when i said, "red. you are out of here. that's it. pack your things." okay what really happened was i went on a purge of the apartment and grabbed everything red and shoved it in a box in a closet. then i said, "aahhhhh.." : ) what a sigh of relief! so now i am in bring-color-into-my-living-space mode. which is unfortunate because that mode and don't-spend-any-money mode don't get along so well... but they are trying. we shall see what they come up with : )

here is the progress i have made so far in our guest bath.

it feels so much better on my eyes! it's weird but true. all i have spent so far is $15 for the white rug. next i am going to paint in there, add some artwork and i have a project in mind for a new shower curtain. it's amazing how just a few changes really make a difference. this red totally doesn't even stand a chance. : )

by the way, i am not sure of the count but i think this may be the most smiley faces i have ever used in a post. i may or may not be happy, it's difficult to say...geesh.

also i realized i may not be really de-red-ifying. i might need to call it white-ifying. hmm..

and for good measure:  : )


  1. I’m sorry Jessica that you got so discouraged! But you know what?! You’re awesome! And you’re blog is awesome too! In fact, I like your style so much, check out the post I just put up this morning after the inspiration your blog gave me a couple weeks ago:
    See, you really are awesome!!!

  2. Love your blog and recently started following it a few weeks ago! Keep up the good work!

  3. Jessica,

    I love your blog! I recently started blogging too and I feel the same. I start to wonder how do these other people have so much time and so many projects to talk about! Just remember, it only takes one encouraging word, one laugh, one new lesson to touch someone. Keep up the good work!

    PS I'm also with you on the red! We painted our guest bedroom and half bath red when we moved in and I'm just not feeling it anymore. Hopefully they will be blue/gray sometime in the next few weeks!

  4. Hey Jessica, I am a fellow CU grad and recently came upon your blog. I too love decorating but have a limited budget. Your blog inspired me to be creative and repurpose things I already have. After some ink stamping, spray painting, and photo hanging I feel much better about my home (well, my rented home.) We also have similar tastes and I have a hard time finding inspiration that is both attractive and sensible, and it is nice to find it here! Keep up the blogging and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the future!

  5. Jessica! I LOVE reading your blog! I'm not that faithful with it, but that's bc I have an 8 month old who fills my time these days! :) I love your decorating ideas and reading what you post. Helps fulfill my Jessica void :) I love you and hope I can see you again soon! I miss you!

  6. Awe don't feel discouraged! Your blog is awesome and you are very talentend! I love the new bathroom! You did great, i can't wait to see what else you are going to do with it!

  7. Today I previewed what my blog would look like if I turned it into a book (not sure if I will actually do it in the near future) and of all the strange effects it gave me motivation for blogging. It kind of reminded me that I'm blogging for me and my family and that other people are just a nice bonus.


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