Thursday, May 12, 2011

indiana and a wreath.

this weekend phil and i are heading off to indiana. phil is the best man in his good friend steve's wedding. steve was also our best man.

my sister rebecca and our maid of honor on the left and steve on the right. : )

i am excited to see him marry his little lady terri. steve is one of the nicest guys i have ever met in my life (my husband chooses good people, what can i say?). he is getting married in indiana this weekend, which is where my in-laws live so we will also be visiting and staying with them. part of me dreads the car ride up there, but the other part is excited to go. plus i get to see our friends amanda and phil too! what a fun weekend!! all that will most likely make up for the 10 hour drive there and back.

here is a teeny project i did this week. i bought fur to fix my office chair. i will show that project soon, but for some reason i am just not ready to show it yet. i feel like i haven't taken a good picture of it yet.. i don't know. "blah blah, jess" is what you're saying now, right? well i paid about $8 for half a yard and i have a tonnnnn left over. so i am thinking up ways i want to use the rest, and here is one way i used just a little bit of it yesterday.

i knew i wanted a wreath, but i wanted it small and free. my budget for projects this month is basically zero, so i had to figure out how to make this for free.

enter cardboard box.

we had old christmas boxes in the closet. i used frisbees to trace the circle. no i did not trust my abilities to draw a good circle, ok?

my traced circles. i'm a good tracer, aren't i? : )

then i cut the sides off the box to make it easier to cut the circle out.

after that i used my elementary school cutting skills to cut out the circle i traced, then i folded it in half and made a cut to cut out the inside of the circle. i was having major elementary school art class flash backs people.

then i started cutting out strips of fur to glue around the form. i found it looks better and fuller if you cut it thick enough to wrap around the "wreath form".

then i just wrapped it around and hot glued it down where i needed to. you will probably want to make sure the fur is all laying the same way when you are gluing it down. it made mine look way better and gave it more symmetry... or something... : )

the back looks pretty ugly on mine, but i didn't care so much about the back of it. i mean, it's hanging against something, right?

of course it's good to have a fur specialist around in case you run into trouble... or need some one to lay on the fur to keep it from getting up and running away.

i left an empty space for a bow. i glued the ribbon down first, then i tied it in a bow... just for good measure. i added a loop onto the back, then i had the task of figuring out where this little baby should go. it ended up on the refrigerator as you can see. you know, as all elementary school crafts do : )

now just how to keep it from getting all dirty.. i have terrible images of spaghetti sauce splatter and red raspberry preserves attacking my pretty little white fur wreath...

i think she's pretty cute. : )

i will probably be back monday with part 3 of the phil and jessica saga. i know you are all on the edges of your seats just waiting to read the rest. trust me, it just keeps getting better : )


  1. Haha, I love this part "i used frisbees to trace the circle. no i did not trust my abilities to draw a good circle, ok?" haha that made me laugh, because i'm the same way!

    Your new wreath is very cute!! Love it! Have fun this weekend! :)

  2. i love the new wreath! :) and i love that it is hanging on the fridge. even fridges need pretty decorations too... ;)

    have a great weekend!


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