Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lists are just fun.

so i saw this over at neathering our fest and i decided i wanted to do it too. i don't usually do these, but this one seemed more fun and also i am being lazy with my projects this week. well... maybe that's not necessarily true. it's just that we don't have a lot of extra money this month. we are heading to a wedding the 14th, phil is flying to indy the weekend after, mother's day is this week and you know the drill... not a ton of extra money so i am trying to be a good budgeted housewife and not spend much on my projects. i will still do some but for today i am not. : )

fill in the blank

if not in douglasville i would live: somewhere down here in georgia. i love my church and living by my family... but my perfect location would be a good chunk of land on a hill... on a lake.. seriously i want to live on a lake on a mountain but still near enough to see family a lot. and i would have horses. and cows. and sheep. and a person who knows how to take care of horses, cows and sheep since i have no idea. but i want them anyway.
my dream holiday would be to: this is so weird because i just figured this out last night. okay. i want to go to a resort in canada during the summer (do they have resorts?). i want to horseback ride all over the wilderness during the day and see the gorgeous scenery up there. then at night i would go back to my spa resort (did i mention it's a spa?) and i would get a good massage, some fabulous food and then i would sit in a hot tub outside (you know, the private one on my private balcony) and enjoy it all with my husband. so. fun. who doesn't want to do this? come on.

my current obsessions are: painting, decor, reading decor blogs, gilmore girls (i go through phases with this show), cranberry sauce (i know, so random), and babies. i admit. i am totally baby crazy. ha as if you all didn't know that...

i channel my childhood self when i: christmas comes around!! i love christmas and i act like such a child. i start thinking about it in october. for real. i always used to be that way.
if i had to be outdoors all day i would: go to lake michigan and lay on the beach. boat, lay out, fish, whatever. then put sweatshirts and jeans on and make a fire pit. so! fun!!

my favorite quality in a man is: integrity and some solid confidence. i need a man i can count on, and one that can make his decisions and stick to them. sooo important to me.
my favorite quality in a woman is: loyalty and a good conversationalist.
my dream car is: i never know this. i am terrible with cars... maybe some sort of cute little bmw. i don't know.
my cocktail of choice is: when i drink, which is hardly ever, i like something fruity like sex on the beach. i am a typical girl that way.
my celebrity crush is: female: taylor swift (i know. hate me. go ahead.) male: i wrote about this subject here. some others not on this list would be david cook and jim from the office. also i am in love with luke from gilmore girls since i've been watching it. apparently i fall in love with a lot of fictional men. i think phil likes it better this way. i love him and fake people haha.
my friends and i like to: talk. a lot. and i love it. : )

if i could go back in time for one decade it would be: the 1950s. it seems like a lovely time...
as a teenager i was totally into: usher (hahahahaha), american idol, the detroit pistons and aol instant messenger
i tend to splurge on: hmm.. we don't really have the luxury of splurging on anything lately. some things i would like to splurge on would be vacations and really really good sheets. and pillows. this is really showing me a lot about my priorities haha. also some good clothes. jeans, shorts, shoes and really cute swimsuits.
you know you want to answer these questions yourself : ) do it, it's fun! it's good to do a little introspection every now and then and get to know yourself. i think i will ask phil these questions later. fun!


  1. totally hear ya on the babies and the gilmore girls and love the idea of asking these questions to your husband. definitely doing that! here's my post from fill in the blanks if your curious:

  2. ooh i think i might ask chris these questions at dinner! that sounds like a lot of fun! :)

    and on a side note - i need your email address. like stat. pronto. yesterday. skye dot nicole at yahoo dot com. zip it over please! :)


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