Thursday, May 5, 2011

a little bit of my philosophy.

today i changed the look of my blog. again. i think this is about the 95th time... and i started this 3 months ago. : ) i like change. well, no i like to keep changing until i am satisfied. that's me. if i don't like the way something looks, i have learned to not just live with it and accept it, but to change it up until i love it. this is the whole point of my blog. there is no reason a person shouldn't love their home. it doesn't matter if that home is an apartment, a 100 year old house, a brand new house, a cottage, or a shack. if you don't love your environment and you feel trapped there, change it. i don't mean you should just up and move (unless that's where you are at in life) but change the place you're in now to make it something you love. seriously! do it! now! : )

i realized i hated my apartment and was just waaaaitingggg until i could buy a house and make it what i want. umm hello! so what, i will just hate the environment i live in? for how long? i could see if i was just living here for 3 months. sure. i could live with that. but i know i'll be here at least another year. and i am content to just live somewhere i hate and think is ugly for a year?? why? that is complete silliness! i realized i was NOT content and something had to change. either me or the apartment. well... i am not a good changer. nope. i knew i couldn't just will myself to love my space. so the space had to change. but i am not rich. i can't afford to just throw away all kinds of money on a place i am renting. so i have to be creative, thrifty and find great inspiration. so that's what i do. then i try it out in my apartment. and i have so. much. fun. i am totally loving this!

i call it housewifing because to me, this is a huge part of being a housewife. i'm kind of 'nesting' and making my place a home for my husband and our little family. i do it on a strict budget which is also a big part of being a housewife. i help my husband pay bills and provide for us by being thrifty and creative. i see this as a way to support my husband by doing something i totally love. then i write about it to hopefully inspire people who read this! that is my whole goal of writing this blog. to bring ideas and philosophies i love and am inspired by to anyone who wants to read this blog. so far i have been completely humbled and then totally excited at the response of people who have condescended to read my little blog. i really really hope it continues to inspire and speak to others because well, i'm having so much fun!!!


  1. Great post! I love your new header btw. Very adorable picture!

  2. i love the new look of the blog! that is such a great picture of you two - yall have such great smiles!!

    great post! i think that learning to love where you live instead of yearning to live where you love is such a huge part of growing up and becoming an {adult} (yes i still consider that a 4-letter word...) but you build a lot of character and learn a lot about who you are buy adjusting and adapting to your surroundings! :) great stuff jess!!


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