Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a new furry addition.

we have a new member of the family

i think i will call her emily. she looks like an emily, doesn't she? yah... : )

remember this? my horrible office chair makeover gone wrong? well... you should. it is burned into my brain and won't go away.. this may take therapy people. well anyway, this little lady caused me some problems that day. she started like this

your basic ugly office chair. we found her when a man was throwing her in the dumpster outside an office building. she needed help!

unfortunately i couldn't give that to her... i ruined her and made her into this

yikes. sorry emily. i was taking a risk! facelifts are always risky. you should know that...

so then i was reading the nester (like always) and i remembered her furry ottoman and i knew this was my new plan to fix poor sad emily (before she was emily). so i ordered fur online after checking jo ann's and not really liking the selection (they basically had no fur. psh.) nester got her fur at mary jo's so i contacted them and they were so. incredibly. helpful.! seriously. i sent an e-mail saying something like, "i want white really hairy fur... like, long fur... and umm, i don't know what i'm doing or how much i need.. umm... help." okay, i didn't say that but it probably sounded like that. and they sent me an e-mail back about 30 mintues later telling me all the white fur they had that had a long hair length (that they had a term for but i forget now) and walked me through how to order it. the sweet woman who sent the e-mail even said, "don't worry, people need help with this all the time!" SO. NICE. right? yah, it was a pleasure to order from them. anywayyy... so i got my fur about a week and a half later and i paid about $13 (including shipping) for half a yard of beautiful, good quality fur.

i had to comb this fur when it came. when i opened the bag i saw what looked like a really bad hair day. then i got a comb and it turned into perfect, soft fur.

the right side is combed, the left side is straight out of the bag.

so then i basically did what the amazing nester did and i cut out the shapes i needed and glued them with hot glue to the chair. easy. just make sure (i got this tip from her) to run the scissors under the hair, otherwise you will cut off all that lovely long furry hair that you want to keep!

i also made her a little pillow because she needed one. and she's cuter for it i say.

i love that you can smooth her down

or ruffle her up

she goes from classy to sassy in 5 seconds flat. nice. sadly this is not where she lives. this is my desk and the computer i use... this is phil's chair technically. so this is where she lives

can't you just hear her begging me not to leave her in the disaster zone? okay, in fairness this is my mess on the floor that i am about to clean up once this post is done... but i think she and that rug are going to have words until i separate them. i don't blame her. i hate that rug. that was a" pre-jessica phil purchase". yep. this rug's days are numbered. muahahahaha... : )

 so as you can see i have a date with a trash bag and a vaccuum. fun, huh? any chance you people want to come and clean for me??... didn't think so. i'll be in the office.


  1. That is sooo cute! I love that you do things on a budget. Great blog :) Thanks for stopping by my site!

  2. That is so cute! and I love how you turned the sofa table into a desk space.


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