Friday, May 6, 2011

a tutorial..!!!

so i have never really done an actual tutorial.... i am not sure if i am qualified.. or if people will want to replicate what i've made.. also i am terrible with descriptive words. i am seriously awful at describing what things look like. i don't know what it is but you can ask my family if you do not believe me. my mom and my sister always crack up when i try to describe what an outfit or something like that looked like. so all of these things have made me a tad afraid to try one, but here i go. i am hoping that mostly my pictures will speak for me. : )

this is what i made

i decided my master bath needed something pretty on the wall. i also wanted it to be extremely cheap. i got my inspiration from here over at neathering our fest. i originally was going to do something like this with fabric but i couldn't find ANY fabric i liked with a green, black and white pattern in it. so when i saw this great post i knew that was my alternative to fabric... scrapbook paper!!! here's my variation of it.

the supplies i used. instead of a canvas i used (free!!!) cereal boxes. do not judge, strawberry awake is my favorite cereal.

i covered my boxes in peel n stick laminate since i have so much left over from covering my cabinets. i just wanted to make sure after i put the pretty paper on i wouldn't see a bowl of cereal peeking out from underneath.

so i skipped a few steps, but it's basically wrapping the boxes with the paper like you would a present. easy peesy.

when it came time to put the paper onto the boxes, i first painted these toilet paper rolls so they could dry while i worked.

my paper i got on sale at michaels. the green was $.25 a piece! the black was a touch more expensive... like $1.99 a piece... but it's so pretty!! i couldn't help it! : )

i started this part by cutting out what i wanted for this box

then i glued it on with a glue gun (on the low heat setting people! no need for singed finger tips this time.)

then i cut out what i needed of the green paper, glued that on and just went like that around the box.

then it came time to glue the ribbon on.... this was apparently the part hobbes wanted to help with.

i then cut the toilet paper roll into pieces to make petals. this is where i painted the inside of the roll... now, this would have been easier and neater (more neat?) if i had black spray paint. i do not have black spray paint, however. so i figured, eh it can't be too hard to paint the insides of these 'petals'.....

i was wrong. it was a mess. but actually kinda fun. i felt like i was finger painting or something. *note: i did wash my hands before i touched my pretty paper again : )

after i wrapped all the boxes how i wanted them, i doused them in mod podge. it helped the corners stick together better and made it all nice and shiny.

then i laid the pieces of the toilet paper roll out into flower shapes. once i had it like i wanted, i just glued the pieces together with the glue gun. after that, i just dabbed some glue onto the bottom of my 'flower' and stuck it onto the box!

i forgot to take a picture of this part, but it's self explanatory; i just cut pieces of ribbon, glued them into loops and then glued the loops on the back of the boxes so i could hang them.

then they looked like this!

i really like it. it adds a lot to the bathroom and cost me $5. that's all. i had everything but the scrapbook paper. i hope this was a worthy attempt at a tutorial. this was so easy and cheap, you should try it. i mean it, go ahead! do it! : ) you should be warned though; after you try it your sunroom might look like this:

anybody else want to come clean this up for me? no??? : )


  1. Okay, first off, using old cereal boxes was a greattttt idea! Secondly, If I can manage this, I will soooo being doing it. Thirdly, it is so adorable! You did a great job!! :) I love it!

  2. YOU DID AWESOME! I never thought of Cereal boxes. You can do that with PICTURES TOO!!! I think I am going to steal for my kids rooms and put pictures and collages. :)

  3. i LOVE the upcycled cereal boxes! that is a brilliant idea. i am totally stealing this. back. :)

  4. What a great idea! I've been racking my brain trying to come up with inexpensive wall art ideas for my little girl's bedroom for weeks - thanks for the inspiration!


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