Wednesday, May 11, 2011

phil and me part 2

the summer of 06 was coming and phil and i had just started seeing each other. we went on tons of walks, coffee dates and i went to watch him play baseball the spring we met.

seriously hot, right? yep. needless to say this totally suckered me in. : ) i thought he was just oh-so-dreamy when he played baseball. he was so focused and intense and i mean, who doesn't love a guy in uniform? so i knew it would be bad when the summer came since i lived in michigan and he was from indiana. we weren't serious enough to be all long distance relationship-y, so it seemed it might just fizzle out.... until God did something so. cool. i had decided to work at lake ann baptist camp that summer (one of the best summers of my life by the way). they are always looking for male counselors and phil had interviewed for a position before we even started seeing each other. all that was left was to talk him into it. : ) i didn't really have to do much work, he was already strongly considering it. i like to think that me and my roomie (who also worked at that camp and got me involved) just gave him that tiny final little push to make him decide to go. but it was totally God who led us both there that summer.. i am not sure, but i think camp is where i did most of my "falling in love" with phil.. *sigh*

he likes me even when i have no make up on. : )
this is the day we decided we were probably headed for a relationship.

camp was unbelievably fun, but also the hardest thing i have ever done. the camp was so huge that most weeks we would be on totally different sides of it working on different age groups. there was also a rule about keeping your significant other a secret from the campers so they wouldn't get distracted by something like that.. my campers always figured it out since any time i might get a little glimpse of phil at camp i would smile for 3 hours afterward. we weren't even really supposed to talk during the week. we sent each other letters a lot. i have all of them still. then when the weekend came i was just like, giddy to spend time together.

one night at camp the campers had all gone and phil and i went on a long walk together. at the end of it he went to hug me goodnight.... well, i accidentally held on to him for too long.. about 2 minutes too long. i couldn't help it, i just didn't want to let him go i was just becoming so crazy about him. then i got embarrassed so i didn't want to let go and have to see his reaction to what i just did. luckily he wasn't upset and we spent the next hour talking about all the things we liked about each other. then he gave me another huge long hug goodnight. seriously, i am not exaggerating about this; when i went inside the cabin i had to hold onto the counter in the bathroom to keep myself from falling over. i have never ever gone literally 'weak in the knees' and until that point i thought it was just an expression. no. i am here to say it is not. i held onto that bathroom counter for a good couple minutes until i could stand to brush my teeth and wash my face. i didn't know it yet, but i was falling in love. : )

during this time we would hug a lot, but we never kissed and phil never even held my hand during that time. that stuff was important to us and we thought there's no reason to add the physical part of the relationship before we were serious and committed to each other. we basically flirted with each other all summer and i think any time i got a glimpse of him my heart would skip about 5 times. not just one beat like they say, but a whole bunch of beats.

this is when i found out he loved sharing the Gospel, working with children, teaching about the Bible, was goofy on the outside but completely serious about spiritual growth and his relationship with the Lord.

when my birthday came (july 28th if you want to send presents!) he gave me a thoughtful/funny/wonderful gift. it was a "counselor survivor kit" and had things like duct tape (for campers), a hotwheels car (to get away from them if i needed), purple sunglasses, a cd and a bunch of other fun and silly things. did i mention it was in a princess castle-shaped bag? yah. totally up my alley. that's when i saw how thoughtful and sweet he is. then 2 days later...

he put me in a row boat and rowed me to the other side of the lake where he had a blanket set up and roses around it. mixed in for good measure were some snickers candy bars (he knows the way to my heart is chocolate) and that's where he told me how much he liked me and asked me to be his girlfriend. july 30, 2006 i was officially his girlfriend!!!


  1. Awe!! This story just keeps getting sweeter! I love how he rowed you to the other side of the lake and had things set up. How romantic!!! :)

  2. what a sweet sweet story! :) is there another installment coming?


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