Tuesday, May 10, 2011

otis the cat.

i will get back to projects really soon i prommmmise... this is a busy week. who am i kidding? it's a busy month. even so, i have been doing projects and i have some on the way, so juuuuust wait for it and they will get here : ) today i am blogging about something else. the other other man in my life. i wrote about my cat hobbes and how he is a crazy little creature. he fills our lives with lots of laughter and funny moments. well, this is otis. the other cat.

isn't he pretty? if hobbes is the silly little whiny baby, otis is the street-wise cool old grandpa. he is kind of skittish, but once he gets comfortable he's a sweet little guy. this is what happened after i took this picture

he wanted me to pet his belly : )

i have decided i really love cats. i am an animal person for sure. i love animals in all shapes and sizes. i grew up with dogs (so i totally love them) because my step dad is a cat-hater. he will tell everyone he is a dog man and that's it. i can understand when people feel that way. they feel like cats are disloyal, unaffectionate and sometimes just downright nasty. people that never have them believe all they do is hide, then come out once in awhile to eat and contribute nothing to the family. i believe there are cats like that, but i haven't met many. my cats are super affectionate, they always want to be with us or around us. they are sweet and soooo easy to take care of. i love the freedom of just leaving food and water out for a short weekend away. i love that we can be gone all day and we don't have to feel guilty because we need to "let the dogs out". i love that they don't bark. with cats, there is no chewing on things that don't belong to them. there is almost no "potty training". i don't have to spend hours teaching them what they can't do. i just pick up a bottle of water and give them a little squirt so they know they've done wrong. they are so. easy.

i completely love dogs and will probably have another dog some day, but right now my cats are plenty for us.

hobbes in our old apartment... obviously in the dishwasher...

hobbes wearing shorts... why? i don't know. we're weird around here.

making a home under the christmas tree.

hobbes is always hiding in the bookshelf. : )

taking a nap together. awwww. (our old apartment.)

silly cat. he loves to be on this railing outside. i don't like it, it makes me nervous.

i mean, come on. how cute are these faces? i just love all my guys. : )


  1. i'm not much of a cat person myself but your cats are so super cute! :)

  2. i love animals so its a no-brainer this post rocked! :) very cute cats!!


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