Wednesday, May 11, 2011

phil and me part 1

i know i promised i would get back to projects soon, and i will! trust me. : ) i just felt kinda like my boys got their own post yesterday and i figured i should write about my most important and favorite boy. : ) there are people who read this who don't really know much about me or my history, so this post is so y'all can know more about me and my husband, phil.

**warning: this post could get extremely long. i'm talking novel here people. it's hard to condense when it comes to this so if you are prepared, then read ahead. : )

this is what he looked like after i tried to put a tiny litle pony tail in his hair... hahahaha it makes me laugh every. time. and this was taken 5 years ago. : )

phil and i met a couple times before we actually "met". he was good friends with my roomie (who i love to pieces and miss so much!) in college. it was my sophomore year, his junior year. i was dating somebody else at the beginning of that year when we met, so i paid little attention to him. there were about 7 of us all crammed into a car going to church and he was the last one to get picked up, so naturally i was mad at him for making us cram even more. geesh. that Sunday was the harvest offering at church and you were supposed to take your offering to the baskets in the front of the church. now, i was stuck in the middle of the row and nobody else got up to give an offering. i wasn't going to be the only one! and what, push everyone out of the way too so i could give it? no way, i decided i would do it after church so nobody i came with would know. i wasn't ashamed of offering, but i just preferred to do it quietly because to me it was about something between me and God. i didn't want people thinking i was doing it so they would think i was some sort of super christian or something. pretty silly, huh?
so i snuck away while people were chatting after church to give my offering. the baskets were gone so i decided i would just give my offering to the pastor... but who is talking to the pastor? phil. yep. and talkingggg and talkinggggggg and talkingggggggggggg. so finally he walked away and i was able to give my offering, but not without people noticing i had been gone for awhile. so naturally, this made me dislike this crazy kid who smushed me in the car and wrecked my plans of keeping my offering a secret. what a loser..... ; )

i didn't really interact with him again until the next semester. it turned out we had physiological psychology together (i majored in psych, he double majored in psych and bible). the first day this kid was late to class. can you believe that? if you knew him, you would believe it. he has so much on his plate (especially at that time) that sometimes he forgets to factor in time. so this day the professor called out "phil buben" and a guy in the class said "booooobs!!" which was apparently what people called him for fun.. i guess... so naturally this brings a look from the professor, which brings the guy to explain about boobs being short for buben. this is when i said to myself, "oh man. that is an unfortunate name.." and i can just IMAGINE the laughter in heaven at this statement. : ) so of course when phil walks in late and tells the professor his name, the professor says to him, "oh yah, phil buben... we were talking about your boobs." hahahahahaha this story makes me laugh TO. THIS. DAY. and i told all my friends about it. it was hilarious. if i had only known....

a couple months later phil noticed me sitting by myself one night. he came over to talk to me and ended up making fun of me for not having a driver's license (i got my license really late in life, ok?). so now he has smushed me in a car, ruined my offering plans, has a crazy last name, and made fun of me. it is not looking good for this guy. not at all. i thought, "who does this guy think he is?" and something to the effect of i could never be interested in a guy like him. once again, cue laughter in heaven.

then something happened. something great. we both came back from our spring break trips early. i went to florida with my friends, he had gone to florida with the baseball team (yah, he played baseball. i know, so attractive, right?) so i saw him at chucks (what we callled our little cafeteria at school) sitting at a table full of baseball players. now, this is not my most mature moment in life, but i knew my ex-boyfriend was probably in there at the time and i wanted him to be jealous..... i know. not my finest hour. but it's what gave me the courage to walk up to a table full of baseball team and talk to phil. if you know me, i would never do anything like that under normal circumstances and looking back, i still can't believe i did it.

well a couple days later, i received an e-mail from phil asking if i wanted to study together for our midterm coming up. of course i thought, "oh gee. is this some sort of angle here?" but my roomie who knew him assured me that if he asked to study that's what he wanted. a study partner. that's all. so i agreed. i told myself this was nothing, just help for my exam....

then i showed up to study.....

he was wearing his baseball practice stuff (i know right?) and we were studying pretty hard, but i had never had so much fun doing it. we had a ball studying, which i didn't know was even possible. and i thought he was just oh-so-cute in his baseball stuff. and when he showed up to class in his uniform? forget. about. it.

we started e-mailing back and forth, then he asked me to get coffee. we just talked and laughed for hours. we way outlasted the coffees : ) then on the way back to campus (we walked) he walked on the side closer to the street to keep me safe. that is when i said, yep. i like him.

then came our second date. we went ice skating and got ice cream. i told him everything about my past and he listened and didn't run screaming in the opposite direction. we had so many fun little dates like these. he helped me raise my grades in my really hard classes. i helped him get out of the library on weekend nights. then summer came and we were both leaving.


  1. LOVED this post! i was definitely laughing out loud and picturing everything :) i want more--this post was not long enough..right when you got to the "good part" it ended, hehe. excited to see you post part 2 to your story. thanks for sharing, i love posts like these. where did you both go to college? reading this reminds me so much of Liberty University and brings me back to when i was there.

    hope youre having a great week!

  2. this is such a cute little story! i love that you totally made fun of your husband-to-be's last name. SO crackin me up! :)

    i can't wait to read the rest of it!

    and for good measure:

    !!! :) :) :) !!! :) :) :)

  3. I loved this. How adorable!! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. :)


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