Friday, March 11, 2011

allow me to introduce myself.

i am passionate about a few things in life. i am a born-again-and-filled-with-the-Holy-Ghost-Christian, i am a wife of an excellent man, family is the most important part of life in my opinion, and i love making the space i live in beautiful. cheaply. there, i said it. phew. 

living in a one income household and owing a lot of money for a degree i am not currently using (currently trying to avoid guilt...) we don't have a lot of extra money. psh. like that could stop me. i have suddenly been struck with inspiration. i am going to make this space what i want whether it likes it or not. i am a believer that you can make anything work for you (even curtains purchased from wal-mart... which i have.... don't judge please..) if you have an eye, have an amazing role model like my mother who has taught me almost everything i know about designing a space, and good ole fashion elbow grease.

i have been inspired by other bloggers to write this. it may turn out to be the most boring incredible blog anyone has ever read in their lives but what can i say? i love designing and decorating my space so much and i love being a wife so much that i just want to write about it!

so i guess i just started a blog... yikes!

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