Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i promised. i deliver.

well there were about 14 minutes of sun yesterday, yay! i took the after pictures of my room. now... you will have to understand that the difference is much more obvious in person. my walls look much darker than they come out in pictures and on the screen, but it's true i went with a light color. here is before again:

and the lovely wonderful after:



 i love it so much more now! it's a really warm color in the morning.. it kind of looks like my coffee (since i dump tons of cream in it). then it looks like a cooler tan color in the afternoon. it's peaceful and makes me so happy! the color is from the martha stewart collection at home depot. it's called natural twine. this is what i did though... i didn't want to spend a million dollars painting an apartment that i will eventually move out of. so i just had them use cheaper paint, america's finest paint which is about $10 for a gallon unlike martha who runs about $30ish i believe. i just had them do their little color match magic and honestly, i'm not mad at this paint. it's considerably more water-y than something like behr, but that doesn't bother me. it covered my walls just the same, thankyouverymuch. and (i will make a whole post about this later some time) you can see in these after pictures that i also painted my dresser. i used america's finest for that too and i think it did a great job. i know. some furniture-painting expert somewhere is probably calling the furniture police for committing such a crime against furniture. but too bad. i don't see a need to spend $20 extra dollars for a paint that i admit, is better, but will end up looking the same in the end. nooo thank furniture police: come arrest me for all i care. : )

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