Tuesday, March 15, 2011

more clouds...

oh dear. more clouds and rain today. maybe i'll try to take the after pictures today anyway. i promised them and i must deliver. we will see. well i will just take this rainy opportunity to talk about something else housewife-y. most who read this know my desire to have a family. it's my main desire on my heart right now to start our family, but i always knew if i had a child i would stay home with him/her. i don't think there is one measley thing wrong with working out of the home when you have children. i just loved my mom staying home with us and always felt that is what i wanted to do. however, since that is the case, we can't afford a baby quite yet. however, while i am waiting i believe God is sustaining me and taking care of my needs by giving me temporary things to keep me occupied.. and this guy:

i realize this makes me a crazy cat lady, but i'm cool with that. i love my cat, hobbes. we adopted him about a month after we got married. he crawled in my lap at the shelter and my little heart melted and i said, "we neeeeeed hiiimmmmm". he is the perfect pet for our little family. he is like having a small child around sometimes. (i realize children are a great deal more work and responsibility, don't worry!) hobbes is always doing something funny. any time there is something new in "his" home, of course it is for him. so he sits on it, in it, or right next to it to stare at his new toy and figure out what it is. he is so curious about every little thing. he decides when it's time to sit in my lap and sleep and nothing will stop him. however, my husband would say this is preferable to how he sleeps at night, which is on phil's head. literally. he likes to be carried around with you when you're moving around the apartment and he "cries" when he wants food or attention. seriously. most obnoxious meowing you have ever heard from this guy. but those are the reasons i love him. and yesterday he did me a huge favor. he found a bug and "played with it" and killed it! i think it was an accident.. sort of like a 'lenny and the mouse' situation, but i was happy and he quickly forgot that he ever had a new friend that he accidentally squashed with his paw. he was being my little helper haha.

there is one habit he has that i am hoping a child will never have, and that is running out the door whenever it's open. he just likes to take himself for little walks sometimes and see what there is to see. this isn't a very huge deal. we follow him and let him be "free" sometimes. i just make sure he has his collar on just in case. but here is an all too common scene in our home lately:

we are not sure how he has figured how to get this off, but i have to put it back on him almost every day. oh and let me tell you, he struggles. geesh. i guess he just wants to throw off the constraints of the world and be a man of the wild, but i know this shouldn't happen. he would never survive. he needs us and i am so glad because he has helped fill a little hole in the big desire to be a mom. maybe that's crazy, but that's just the plain old truth.


  1. haha this made me laugh!! Does he knock stuff off your counters, just to do it?! My cats used to do that, they would paw it onto the floor and then look at me like, "what?"

  2. Let's be honest. Why do you think we have Bullet?? Totally not crazy.


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