Friday, March 25, 2011

getting back on the horse.

after my miserable fail at covering an ugly chair, i was more than a little reluctant to try to cover another chair. in fact i thought i was crazy. super crazy. but i knew if i didn't try, i would be worried about failing again forever. so i tackled another chair. this chair:

this started because i painted that little white table black. then i didn't like the red pillow with it. so i covered the pillow. then the chair looked too gold-y red, so now i needed to cover the chair. sheesh. little did i know painting that little table would cause this huge decor-chain-of-reaction. so, like a good little decorator who sees colors clashing, i had to solve the problem. cheaply. so i took white fabric i had (please don't cringe when i say that it used to be a table cloth!!) and some decorative nail heads (my new bffs) and that's all i needed! (plus some scissors... but i mean.. that's obvious, right?) and here she sits in all her glory in my little baby "sunroom" :
otis the cat loves her too

oh my. i think she's lovely : ) sure she's not perfect but who is? and guess how much this cost me? $1.75 for the nails. yep. not. too. shabby. : ) thank goodness i got back on the horse!

**i am linking this up with the shabby nest's frugal friday because well, i got almost a new chair for less than $2!!


  1. if you give a decorator a can of paint, she wants to paint the table. if she paints the table she wants to change the pillow. if she changes the pillow she wants to recover the chair... lol! looks awesome and way to reuse a white table cloth! :) have a good weekend!

  2. Wow - it looks fantastic! Great job!


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