Thursday, March 24, 2011

terrible awful no good really bad evening.

**linking up with the nester's take a risk day because i had never done anything like this before... maybe with good reason...

to start with on my sad evening, i had to run out to a few stores and buy some supplies. well when i returned i found a HUGE HOLE in my bathroom ceiling!! from what? i do not know. maintenance was called, hopefully they will be around today. sheesh. then i attempted some projects. really. ATTEMPTED. they went so terribly wrong. the first project was trying to cover the ugly blue office chair that i HATE.
it was pretty low risk.. i had white fabric, the chair was free and all i purchased for this project was $1.75 worth of decorative nail tacks. i thought, eh, it'll be easy. nope. it started easy enough. all i did was lay the fabric over the chair and cut out the shape i needed.

then i just went about stapling the fabric to the bottom of the seat of the chair, starting in the front, doing one side, then the other, then the back.
until it looked like this:

it was pretty painless up to this point. for the top of the chair, i just cut out the shape i wanted for the front, leaving extra fabric to pull around back to staple to the back of the chair. then i tried to cover that by cutting out fabric for the back, leaving extra so i could fold it over so there wouldn't be any frayed edges, then i just put the decorative nails in so it would just look like studs going around the edge of the chair. easy, right? oh no, because i neglected to leave enough fabric in numerous places around the top of the chair, so i was left pulling and struggling with this fabric. then i couldn't get any part of it to lay smoothly.. oh i can't even think of all the things that went wrong. notice there are no pictures of this process? yah. i was in no mood. it just looked crazy to me by the end. i liked it until i put the fabric on the back. this is what my sad attempt at a project looks like: (please ignore the messy office that never gets cleaned during the week..)

notice i put a throw over it to rectify the situation haha

oh dear! this poor chair!! haha at least it's funny NOW.

see? i was doing a good job until it come to this chair's backside. sheesh.

well, it looks better than before i think.. at least it's not a horrible blue. i think we will paint the rest of the blue silver or something.. i don't know. not like it matters, right? haha.. well during this project i took some breaks to work on making a spring wreath. this is where absolutely everything went wrong..

i thought the wreath would be fast and easy, something that will make up for the chair taking so long. oh no, my friend. not fast. i wrapped a wreath form with brown yarn, then attached a little pink bird i bought (couldn't resist. this bird called out to me every time i went to michaels! i had to answer) and made some little fabric flowers. well..... so i had my trusty awful enemy of a glue gun all plugged in to make the flowers for the wreath. well since it was handy, i found i needed it in some places on the chair. well, i am not sure how many times i burned myself during this time.. at least 523905829305 times. yep. oh, but this was nothing. i was so disappointed in my chair, so i decided i would finish this wreath because at least i would like one project i did that evening. oh BOY was that a MISTAKE. i decided i needed at least one really big flower, right? so this stupid thing was not staying together, so i thought, i will just put one huge fat glob of glue on the bottom when i go to glue it on the wreath. then it'll hold it together and keep it on there! i did not count on (no idea how i did this by the way..) dropping the flower with the STEAMING HOT biggest giantest glob of blue right on my pinky finger. after screaming and flinging my hand, the flower landed glue-side-down (of course!) right on my lucky brand jeans (if i wasn't a christian who loves the Lord, so many words would have been coming out..) and now my leg is on fire. so i jump up, throw the stupid flower on the floor, drop the wreath and my tea goes spilling all over everything. nice. then i cried. for real. tears streaming down, mad, sad, burned and disappointed...

this is where my sweet, sweet husband came to help me. he cleaned up the tea, got a bag of ice for my sad burned pinky, picked up the flower i threw on the ground (i was very mad at him so i left him there on the ground where he belonged.) and gave me a hug and told me how good everything looked. chair included. even though he is a big, fat liar i felt so much better. poor man knows how to deal with my crazy. then i calmed down, finished my wreath and was much happier.

today i am left with a funny chair, a wreath i think is lovely, a "giant glob of glue"-sized blister, and even more love in my heart for the sweet man who said he thinks he loves me even more after all my crazy mess yesterday. <3

oh and now that all my fingerprints are burned off, i can rob banks and nobody will be able to find me! or i could be a spy.... or something of that nature....


  1. Hey - at least you took a risk ;) And I bet your next attempt will be even better. Your wreath is lovely. Where did you find the bird?

  2. you need to link this up the the "take a risk" party at the nester! of all the projects i have seen about recovering chairs i have never seen one where someone was so brave to take on an office chair! kudos to you! :) and that wreath is so cute - the bird was worth the splurge! it looks great!

  3. and, another positive note, buy the time i got to the end of the post i had completely forgotten about the hole in the ceiling! :) hang in there!

  4. the bird is from michaels. they have tons of fun spring colors!

    thanks guys for the encouragement! it really makes me feel so much better! i was thinking about taking the back part off the chair and doing it in fur.. it seems to cover up messes (i've seen the nester do it). what do you all think?

  5. Way to go! Thanks for being brave enough to let us see a "fail". Dave Ramsey said that, "Success is a pile of failure you are standing on". Onward and upward!

  6. LIKE your wreath! And the office chair is an inspiration for me, even though you don't like it!


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