Tuesday, March 22, 2011

another ugly piece. history.

this is sort of a continuation of yesterday's post. i have been working to update old ugly furniture i just so happen to hate, into newer happier furniture i just so happen to love. this is where i took over phil's office : ) it was lookin pret-ty crazy if you ask me. i mean, it does again because he loves to pile up papers ALL OVER the place when he is grading or whatever the case may be, but wow does it look better.
phil has this thing that i am pretty sure i have seen on 'the office'. when jim and pam are on vacation (or something) dwight combines all their desks into "mega-desk" and he becomes addicted to it. while this is hilarious on the show... not so much in my home. especially when it looks like all different furniture just mashed together. but it is phil's favorite thing. he "hasta have" his desks pushed together. why? "because it's awesome!!" haha oh dear. so it looked like this:
so i wondered how a person gets work done in here... especially with a cat sleeping on the desk haha. well i decided it all needed to be black so it looked like it actually went together rather than just a bunch of stuff pushed together. so i took phil to home depot and we picked out new hardware and had them color match our paint to the corner desk. after a bit of a disaster concerning the top of the desk, we fixed it (phew) and it now looks like this:
ignore those cords trying to steal the show there.. : )

phil loves it and i am happy it looks more like an adult uses it. he wants a place where i can feel comfortable to come in and hang out while he works. well i am much more likely to come in now with this cohesive feel than i was when it felt like a mish-mash of furniture. this is the beginning of this room... well, of his office stuff anyway. someday i would like to buy him an actual corner desk. you know, that is only one piece and is meant to be together. but this is a good money saving alternative for us right now. instead of paying tons for a new desk, we spent $60 on paint, sandpaper and hardware and i am able to live with it now. this is the goal since we may have to move all this stuff out to our sunroom.... eventually.... i am hoping that we'll have a need to change the office into a nursery in the not super far away distant future..... : ) : ).... phil has yet to agree to the plan where i move all his stuff out of this room.. he says, "we'll see when the time comes." and i say, "oh yes. we will see...." ; )

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  1. Hi Jessica! I am loving your blog - and I really love that you worked with what you had on the desk situation! it turned out great. :) I am your newest follower!

    Also - would you be interested in writing a guest post for me to put on my blog in a couple of weeks? I am looking for people to post while I am on vacation and I like what ya got going on here ;). Email me and let me know what you think - skye.nicole@yahoo.com!


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