Monday, March 14, 2011

change of plans.

i know i promised to post the "after" pictures of my newly painted room, and i will! i spent the day at church and sitting out on my parents' deck to get some sun (finally! my poor skin needed it desperately!) so i didn't get to take the pictures yesterday. now today it is cloudy and i wanted more natural light coming in so it would be a similar amount of light to the first pictures. sheesh. dumb clouds. well i will post those pictures as soon as i can! it looks so great in here, such a difference! in the mean time, let's continue talking about my room.

i have had some inspiration lately. i kept looking at my room and thinking, "hmm... something is not right. it needs..... something.." i just didn't know what that "something" was. i asked my wonderful mother who, let me tell you, has a gorgeous house and taught me everything i know. she thought what was missing was some wood in my room. i have tons of fabric and not much wood at all. i agreed with this, of course. (if my mom tells you something you should do in your home, after seeing her home, you listen.) so there are plans to make a headboard since i can't afford one, but that will come later. i had to tell her though, "yes... but i feel like there is something else....." then this happened:

this was taken after the original inspiration, but i saw this little cover-up i wear a lot sitting in my room. the color went so nicely with the green and brown. i realized, of course! it's missing another color! the color is too flat. so based on this little guy, i picked out a sort of orangey-pinky-terra cotta. i am going to paint a few pieces in the room and part of the headboard i make. i love this because it was a color i obviously already loved and my messiness of leaving this out places is what helped me discover what i needed! (phil will not be pleased i found a good reason to maintain my messy habits.) i found inspiration right there already in my own space. : )

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