Saturday, March 12, 2011

one of my true loves.

i love painting! well, no that isn't true. i hate painting. i love the effects of it though! i live in an apartment, so it is unfortunate that i feel the need to paint everything since i will most likely have to paint it all back this horrible builder's paint beige color. ick.

this color looks yellow, beige, and pink during different times of the day. yah... not what you want with paint. i will never understand why they build apartments and houses and just spray the entire thing this awful color. no. we are in the process of painting our bedroom. these are the before shots. i will take the after shots and post them once it's all done. it already looks sooo much better. it's making me so happy! paint changes everything. this beige color can really leave you feeling like you're living in a temporary place. which..i am... but.. i mean.. you don't want it to FEEL like that. paint can totally change that. i think this is a good example of the huge difference just a little paint makes:

i did rearrange some furniture recently, so that looks different.. but the wall art just seems to come alive with a little paint on the mats. and guess what. it didn't cost me anything! i just used paint left over from the wall! so that made me so happy to make something seem so much better for free. yessss. : )

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