Saturday, August 27, 2011

fall preview.

okay okay. i know i wasn't going to put anything fallish up until at least september. however, i had a little project to do. and i wanted it done. mostly because there were a few things i have that i wanted to spray paint white. i also wanted to paint some of my fall decor white. so really, i was just trying to be smart and make sure that i would have enough paint for everything.... that's my story. and it's pretty much true.

so what i did was i bought three little pumpkins with picks on them from hobby lobby. i also bought a grapevine wreath. they have some really nice ones. and they were half off. i paid $2 for this sucker. that's awesome. it's really pretty. so anyway, i painted the little pumpkins white.. so naturally i wanted to see how they would look on the wreath. then i naturally wanted to see how the wreath would look hanging up. which led to me changing around the stuff on the mantel. which makes me wonder what i'm doing because i am going to change it again next week with all my fall stuff. but now i really like it. darn me and my impatience.

so this is what my mantel looked like after that

i'm really loving the silver/green/white/blue combo. i'm going to find it hard to change it now for fall. dang it. i feel like it looks so pottery barn-ish. okay, maybe not exactly but it has that feel. and i'm loving the wreath.

so i liked it a lot, but i knew it needed some height (thanks for teaching me those things mom : )) so i decided to do it the free way and just gather sticks and put them in the pitcher. sticks are fall-ish right? so now it looks like this

i don't know. what do you think? is it too stick-y with the wreath and all those sticks? i mean, how many sticks does a mantel need? or is it natural and fabulous? i can't tell. i like both ways honestly. hmm. tricky.

anyway, this is my fall preview. don't you love my wreath? i mean, i don't want to brag or anything, but i'm totally in love with it and i think it's so pretty. see? mixing the natural with the feminine is a winner. always. i want another one on the door. i probably will try to do something else though because i mean... you can't have the same wreath all over your house, right? oh, by the way this wreath in total cost me about $5. that's pretty good. considering i'm in love with it and i want to leave it up all year. but i won't. don't worry : ).

oh, also. i maintain that it is now acceptable to talk about fall considering i got three fall catalogs yesterday. yup. better homes and gardens, pb kids, and ballard. if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me. that's what i always say.


  1. Jessica, first of all I love the color of your walls; such a fabulous shade of blue. Secondly, I can’t blame you for getting started on your fall decor so early; it’s so hard to resist! I’ve been looking through my fall recipes getting my taste buds ready. And ok, to the matter at hand, this wreath is gorgeous. It definitely looks “pottery barnish”! I love the sticks in the pitcher with the wreath. I think they complement each other perfectly with height as well as texture. It’s the perfect backdrop for your fall decorations. In fact, you could temporarily stick one of those small plastic black spiders on the pumpkins for Halloween and then remove it after October for a more “autumn” look. Are you going for a more neutral/white theme for fall this year? I’m so anxious to see the rest of your decorations. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. Love your mantel, Jess. And I love the sticks. But you knew I would.

  3. The wreath is hands down my favorite! It is so adorable. And the sticks look really good up there too and the height seems perfect! =D


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