Wednesday, August 17, 2011

IKEA, gilmore girls, and excuses.

sorry for the absence lately guys! i haven't had much time for projects lately. last week was full of things to do. i actually did a project, but it was for my sister. the girl just up and moved to her own apartment : ) she moved in thursday last week, so the week was full of helping her get things ready, making an oh-so-cute mirror for her cute room, then moving her in.

over the weekend we had a prayer conference at church. it was so. great. it went all day saturday, but it seemed like it went by so fast. i learned so much about God. who He is and how He wants us to talk to Him.. it was so awesome. seriously. life changing stuff.

and now this week i am back to being a full-time housewife. school has officially started for the kids down here, so phil is back to full time teaching this week. part of me is sad about it. part of me feels bad for him that his summer time is over... but part of me can't help but feel happy about life being back to a normal routine. and let's not forget what the start of school brings with it.... : ) yep. fall!!! can. not. wait. LOVE fall! okay, so anyway. i feel kinda glad life has been busy in a different way lately. i love doing projects and blogging, but i love to get away from it every once in awhile. i like to make sure i am blogging because i want to, not because i feel i need to. every once in awhile i lose a little steam on projects and i switch my focus to something else. i'll get my focus back. soon.

which reminds me, i love wallpaper. i know that is a totally random thing to say right now, but i went to sherwin williams with my mom to look at paint swatches and let me tell you. they had books of some of the most beautiful wallpaper i have ever seen. i seriously need some wallpaper. too bad i live in an apartment... i will just have to get a huge frame and frame it somewhere. it's so lovely... i think somebody would probably end up hurt if i tried to really wallpaper something... that would be an interesting game haha.

so anyway, forgive me for not being around lately. and forgive me for taking even more time still. i have no projects in mind for this week. actually, i just maybe might end up going to IKEA this week. my sister needs some things, and what better place to go when you need things than IKEA? for real. plus, i know i may be judged for this, but i just bought the entire gilmore girls series on ebay with some of my birthday money. can we say gilmore girls marathon? so yah, unless i can do a project while i'm watching... it might be another week or so until i do a project. just being honest.

oh, but if you're lucky i might come here and tell you all about the fabulous salsa i have started making myself. it's delish. haha that's rachael ray. anyway. it is. i'll tell you about it sometime. : )

this is a picture of me and my sister in the car. i hope we will reenact this on friday. on our way to IKEA!! (no pressure beck. we can go wherever you want : ))


  1. I was wondering were you've been! It sounds like you have been a busy lady! OOoooo gilmore girls, make popcorn i'm on my way! =D

  2. Cute picture!! ah I love Gilmore Girls! I can't believe you bought the whole series!

  3. you both are just stunning--wow! and girl, ive been talking Adam into taking me to Charlotte, NC to go to Ikea this weekend :) He is calling our friends to see if they want to make a fun, hotel stay weekend..all for Ikea! Ha :) I hope you make it there too!!!


  4. Hope you get to go to Ikea! It'd be a fun trip with your sister!

  5. Beautiful girls! :) I for one am excited about this salsa recipe! Have a great Thursday!

  6. Hey Jess,
    I love this picture of my beautiful girls. I was hoping to see a picture of a headboard today. Coming soon? Love ya, Mom


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