Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my mom doesn't think i'm the worst blogger ever. don't worry.

so the other day my mom said something to me. she said, "jessica. you are the worst blogger ever. when are you going to write something?" then today when i called her about the fall sale at hobby lobby (so many pretty things all 40%-50% off. go there!) as we were getting off the phone she said, "write on your blog! bye!" so this is me. writing on my blog. to make my mother happy : )

also because i want to. and also because it's been awhile. again. and i am sorry for that. things haven't been changing too much here. it seems like i am in buying mode lately. i haven't done many projects because i am just waiting for inspiration. i want a project to go, bam! and hit me so when i think about it, i just have to do it. you know what i mean? like when you see a picture or something and you think, oh i just have to do that. yah, that hasn't happened really..

in the mean time i have had fun finding great sales and deals on things. i will tell you what i am most excited for. fall!! listen. hobby lobby has a huge christmas section already, so i don't think i am too far off talking about fall. in fact, september 1st i am going to put my fall stuff out. hey, kids are back to school. it's fair game. don't judge me. i don't even care if you do though. i am putting out my mantel stuff and there is nothing you can do to stop me. at least i am waiting until september. that's more than i can say for pottery barn. sheesh. : )

okay so i won't leave you without a project update. i finally finally finally hung my headboard. about 85 months ago i bought a door to act as a headboard from a builder surplus store in atlanta. i needed to cut it down a bit, then i had to paint it, then figure out how to hang a heavy door on the wall. it was much more work than it sounds, okay? well, not more work for me. it was more work for my stepdad haha. since he loves me sooo much, he trimmed the excess off of both sides of the door, then i painted it, then he figured out how to hang it. he ended up buying a piece of wood (i don't know dimensions people. i leave the numbers to the carpenters. i decorate, okay?) then he cut the wood in half long ways at an angle. then we attached one piece to the wall with the angle facing up, and the other to the door with the angle facing down. i should have taken a picture. i didn't. whoops. it was apparently important for us to find the studs in the wall so it would hold the weight of the door. we did that with what they call a stud finder. not very complicated.

so once both pieces of wood were attached we just had to slide the door down onto the piece that was on the wall. it was easy. mostly because other people did it for me : ). i love it. it looks so good and my pillow doesn't fall between my bed and the wall when i'm sleeping anymore.

i love the slats in the door. it reminds me of shutters a little bit. so cute. and i painted the edges persimmon by martha. i love it a lot. it adds another dimension to our room.

pretty, huh? it totally grounds the bed and makes it so much more important. necessary.



umm and the reason my pillows are in a different configuration is because i never make my bed... so umm.. i don't remember how they go.

also, my mom isn't mean. she is very supportive and loves my blog. she just likes it when i make an entry once in awhile. love you mom : )


  1. Well, i'm glad your momma told you to write a post! The headboard looks great, ya'll did an awesome job. =D I really need to do something like that for my bed. Hmmm.

  2. Oh, I love your headboard. It looks so pretty. And I love you too. Thanks for posting. Mom

  3. You're mom is great! Love this headboard! and the shade of paint you chose is fantastic!


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