Saturday, August 6, 2011

my bathroom is finished! ish.

so after a few months and a lot of procrastination saving up money for bathroom projects i think i am calling my bathroom done! ish. the only thing i have left to do is fix the paint in some areas on the wall. and buy another rug. then it'll really be done. yay! but since it's pretty much done i decided i would just say it is. and not just because i need something to blog about. let's be honest... that paint may never get fixed on the walls. so i figure that means i can call it finished.

okay let's take a look back waaaay back when i started this process

hmm. pretty dull. and boring. and red. blech.

then i found some inspiration

gorgeous, right? still love this...

that picture has been floating around, but i believe it comes from martha stewart. love her. so with this in mind i went to work on my bathroom. here it is today

i wish i had a wide lens so you could see the whole thing. it's so pretty. i love it. it's pretty and soothing and considering it's a guest bathroom and i can finally feel good about letting guests use it, i'd say "it's a good thing." (did you get my martha stewart impression? did it translate over the internet? i hope so.) 

so now if you ever come visit me, i'll let you use my bathroom : ). no, i would have let you use it before of course, i'm not a freak. i'll just feel much happier about your experience in my bathroom if you use it now. did this just get weird? hmm. 

hooray for a bathroom reveal!!!!  


  1. This looks sooooooo fabulous! I love all the little details and effort put into the bathroom! You did a great job! Now please get over here and help me redo my bathroom ;-)

  2. I love, love, love it!! I'm in the middle of re-doing the boys bathroom/guest bathroom right now! I love what paint, a little DIYness and decor can really do to a room! You did AWESOME! =D

  3. Gorgeous! I want one! Did you paint the cabinets or use the sticky stuff like your kitchen? I love the color.

  4. Very nice. You did a great job!!

  5. I'm a new follower through Darby's blog! Great bathroom redo!

  6. I love the transformation! Martha is quite inspirational! And your "good thing" totally translated through the internet :) I love the neutrals in the towels and shower curtain, and then the pop of coral! I'm a new follower from Darby's blog :)

  7. this is lovely! my favorite is the dish/planter/bead combination, just perfect! and also the colors you impressed you pulled the whole look together from one inspiration photo, it really looks good.


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