Friday, September 2, 2011

it's here!! it's finally here!!!

september!!!!!!! yay!!! i think this even deserves a "wahoo!!"! let me tell you, not many things deserve a "wahoo!!", but this does. i'm talking about fall coming people!! the single greatest time of the year.. i love going to the store and seeing all the school supplies! it makes me want to buy one of the erasers that looks like a pen. you know what i'm talking about? it's a long eraser inside a tube and you click it out to erase stuff... i always wanted one of those but was never lucky enough. my mom always got us the fat pink square erasers. still useful, but nowhere near as cool. my friend had one. i was jealous.

ANYWAY, so fall. i love it. we are already planning our trip to north georgia to go to the apple orchards. i officially pulled out my fall candles. aaaaand i put a new scent in my scent portable in my car from bath and body works. it's called sweet cinnamon pumpkin. it smells so. good. even phil approves : ). before you know it, it'll be october. then november and the holidays will be here. *sigh* this is the best time...

so of COURSE i have been pulling out my fall stuff. i have had a hard time deciding what to do. i wanted it to look different from last year, but i still love all my stuff from last year. so i had to reinvent some things. i bought a can of white spray paint to help with that. then i pulled out my new stuff from hobby lobby. i tell you what. my mantel took forever. and it's not really all that different from last year.

here is how it looked last year

 okay, looking back at this picture i guess it really is kind of different from last year... well a lot different. plus the entire layout of my apartment has changed. but it doesn't seem that different to me.

okay here it is. my 2011 fall mantel (this is a big deal. probably to only myself. but a big deal nevertheless.)


okay this seriously took forever. those leaves and bead things are seperate pieces, so getting them to stay together is a piece of work. and then getting all the heights right... AND getting it all to stay on a narrow mantel is muy dificil. that's spanish for very difficult. for real. but i am happy with it in the end.

i took a lot of pictures of the details, then i just had fun editing and messing around with contrast and all that. so get ready for picture galore

see what i mean about keeping all that stuff on the mantel? tricky.

and just for good measure, my favorite one again

so, lucky you i haven't blogged in a few days because now i feel like i should show you something else. yah. that's right. today is a two-for-one special.

i made a fall centerpiece. i bought one of those candle wreath type things. you know what i'm talking about? it looks like a wreath but you put it around your candle? i know there is a name. and i know i am losing all credibility by not knowing it at the moment. oh well : ) so anyway, i bought one of those half off at hobby lobby. then i took some fall fruit i had from a couple years ago i didn't like all that much and sprayed it white. i found a couple other things to add and vwah-lah (the french will now be coming to destroy my computer) i was left with a centerpiece.

the lazy susan i've had. it's from ikea, but it recently got a paint job. i like it much better now. by the way, when i first learned about lazy susans i forgot the name and called it a granny smith. just a free little fun fact for you. (please note that i was 13 at the time.) the bowl i got as a wedding gift. it was on our target registry. it's one of my very favorite things we got. the little nuts are from target also. i had all those things. the only thing i purchased for this baby was a $3 can of spray paint. and a $2 candle-wreath-thingy. see? you don't have to buy a $2000 centerpiece from a certain-place-that-won't-be-named-but-rhymes-with-schmottery-parn in order to have a nice fall centerpiece. all you have to do is be willing to move things around, think of new purposes for things you already have and be willing to spray paint. a lot. : )

oh. also, i meant to tell you. if you are having a hard time getting into the fall spirit, just search "harvest time" in google images. you will immediately want to carve a jack-o-lantern and bob for apples. trust me.


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  1. jessica--everything is stunning! i love your sense of style :) i have a few favorites: pumpkins on the wreath, so darling, and the gorgeous centerpiece on the lazy susan, brilliant! also really liking your pictures and that blue color on the wall, its striking!


    love it all, i hope you are doing well!

  2. I love your fall decorations!! They are beautiful and I am in love with your mantel! =D

  3. Jessica you are a fabulous decorator! I love everything! The painted fruit, the bowl, the berries...Oh I could go on and on! I love your autumn wonderland. I'm inspired to tackle my house this weekend :-)

  4. It all looks so stinkin cute, Jess!! Love it!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!! I must say this is my favorite mantle I have seen this far! LOVE it!! And I'm your newest follower!


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