Thursday, August 25, 2011

best salsa ever.

okay. this is not my recipe. i take zero credit for this. i did it exactly as the recipe said. and it. is. delicious.

i am sure many of you have heard of vivienne from the v spot and she is the one who created the recipe for this salsa. it is so fresh. so tasty. so incredibly yummy. a good spice to it, but so refreshing at the same time. it tastes like the salsa from those authentic mexican restaurants you go to, you know? i found this recipe 3 weeks ago and i have already made this salsa twice. and it makes a TON. i am not sure if i will ever go back to jars again.

the first time i made it exactly like she did, except i got one giant can of peeled whole tomatoes instead of 2 little cans. oh, i also make it in my blender since i don't have a food processor. i found my salsa to be a little too liquidy the first time. it was still amazing salsa, but just a little watery. i probably used less cilantro than she did too. i like cilantro in small quantities because it is stah-rong. so the second time i made the salsa i drained half the juice from the tomato can, then dumped the rest in. it was pretty perfect. i love this stuff.

make sure you also have a glass of sun tea. also, if you're a good blogger remove boxes from the background of your pictures. i am clearly not a good blogger. : )

do yourself a favor. make the salsa and chips then make this recipe (also from vivienne) and just set it all out to have a picnic in the living room. that's what we did and it was so fun. and easy. then we had a monk marathon since they have the whole series on netflix. but you can watch whatever you want : ) so we watched monk. ate chips and the freshest salsa i have ever experienced. and had apples malloy for dessert. do this. i promise you will not be disappointed.

apples malloy. yummmm. i really did make this. there was not time to take a picture. it's that good. this is vivienne's picture (clearly).


  1. My mouth is watering and my stomach is grumbling! I must try these!

  2. i big fat puffy heart love salsa. always and forever. double fist pump to the chest. yeah. i'm making this and i can't wait to try that apples malloy. what a great way to make my husband eat fruit! cover it with cream cheese and chocolate! :) yum!!!


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