Thursday, July 21, 2011

shopping vs diy'ing.

do you ever get the urge to just go shop and spend money? i mean, within reason people. okay, without reason too haha. sometimes i just get this urge that i want to go shopping, buy new things and spend just a little money. obviously we are in general pretty careful with our money. that's what this blog is all about. i find ways to decorate super cheap so everybody in this household is happy : ) but occasionally the diy bug leaves and the shopping bug seriously takes over. i have a couple little projects i could do around here, but mostly i don't want to do them. i want to just go buy some things, you know?

i don't like to be irresponsivle with my money. i like to save it and be a good steward. i like to give money away, and to be able to do that we are careful about our spending habits of course. but every once in a while i just get the urge to go on a shopping spree. i want to buy new things just for the thrill of buying new things, and the excitement of bringing them home, and then the even greater excitement of realizing "ohmygoshitlookssogoodthere!!!"... you know what i mean?

well, lucky for me... MY BIRTHDAY IS IN A WEEK! wahoooo! (that may be the first time in my life i have said "wahoo". i like it.) sooo for my birthday, guess what i asked my husband for. just guess. have i told you guys this already? i don't remember... well too bad if i did, i asked for a trip to the atlanta IKEA. yessssssssssss : ) so he is letting me go on a teeny tiny little shopping spree, which is great since their products are so lovely and cheap as well! which reminds me, as i type this i realize i had a nightmare last night that they were closing IKEAs and raising prices because they weren't making enough money. thank God it was just a dream, right? (yes, you may laugh that my nightmares are about home stores closing, go ahead.)

so anyway, as i was saying i am going to IKEA to spend a little money. i think it's necessary for all girls who love to shop to be able to spend a little money doing so every once in awhile. it's therapeutic. and some people may think, but that takes the fun out of the present because you are buying it instead of your husband. not so, my friend. the present is the very shopping experience with the added bonus of being able to buy some things. yay!! i have been scoping out the IKEA situation online (you think if i mention the name enough they will see this and sponsor another shopping spree for me? yah, me neither.) and i have made a list of things i want to buy. in fact i have pinned them to my pinterest page. but i will show you what i have my eye on : )

the OFELIA blanket is $19.99. i am in love with it, it's so cute! i need this.

one of these plants and this adorable little planter for it. less than $10 for the pair. i want it for the guest bath. so cute!

listen. this LACK coffee table is $20. that's all. i have some ideas in my head of how to make it way more awesome. i got my inspiration from bhg's catalog this month

aren't those awesome? IKEA LACK side tables. i know, right? i want to do something like this, but i have to figure out where to get nailhead trim because i don't think the nails will hammer into the table nicely..

this little adorable feather cushion is $14.99. i love it! i want it for the sofa. so. adorable.!

 there are just a couple other little things i want also, but these are my favorites. i am so happy my birthday is coming. usually i am not this crazy about my birthday, but we spend money so infrequently that i am just looking forward to a day when i can spend a little and not feel guilty at all. who doesn't want a good excuse to go shopping??! that's right, nobody doesn't want a good excuse to go shopping.... there are probably better ways to say that.... : )


  1. I know what you mean about sometimes wanting to shop instead of make. I love to shop and very rarely get too. That is awesome that you get to go there and do some shopping! I can't wait to see what you get. =D I totally agree that if my Hubby gave me money and said here you can spend this on shopping for your birthday, that would be a GREAT present. =D

  2. It sounds like you're going to have an awesome birthday! I can't wait to see the loot you bring back from IKEA!


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