Tuesday, July 12, 2011

exciting things are happening!

so do you remember this post where i basically spilled my guts to y'all about what God has been doing in our lives lately around here? well.. he is doing more. again. : ) some things are just silly decor things. other things are bigger. much bigger.

one blessing we've already received is that our sofa that i am sitting on as i type this is 100% completely ours. it's totally paid off. YAY! no more monthly payments on this lovely little... er... big piece of gorgeous furniture. it's all ours. yesss. : ) so if you read the post i spoke of above, you know that what's left is the car. we're praying like crazy that we can pay it off. and also trying to spend very little money. i think we're doing a little better at the praying thing ; )

also i have been thinking about our outdoor space for some time now. we live in a good-size-but-still-small-compared-to-a-house apartment. so it seemed a shame that the outdoor space was being wasted, but i just didn't have a prayer to do anything out there because there just isn't any money for it. i figured maybe when fall or next summer comes around. no no my friends. this space is getting done as we speak. and so far all i've spent for it is $19. i will show you some of the projects out there soon. it's so exciting! i thought i would have to wait forever to get that space done.

well of course another exciting piece of news is that our 3rd anniversary is coming up! the summer has a lot of exciting events. my sister celebrated her birthday the end of june, my brother celebrates his birthday this coming weekend (yikes! better get his present...) and then the 25th is our wedding anniversary (!!!) and the 28th is my birthday! of course we also celebrated the 4th in there somewhere, so summer just sails by for us. yay! bring on the fall! i love fall... : )

SPEAKING of fall, have you seen any fall decor out yet? pottery barn has a fall preview on their website and when i was at hobby lobby recently i saw pumpkins and leaves out. i even saw some christmas stuff at hobby lobby already. sheesh! i admit july is too early for christmas (and i am a christmas lover!!!) but i am so happy to see fall things! it means it's coming around the corner! i mean, it's too early to say it's "just around the corner" but it's walking down the street trying to get to that corner at least. i love it. come on, fall! apple picking, pumpkin picking, mantel redecorating, cooler weather, sweatshirts, jeans, cider, beautiful leaves changing... i LOVE it!! it's my very favorite time of year. i am so excited for it! aaaand it contains my favorite holiday, thanksgiving!!! man. what's not to love? i feel bad wishing for it though because my husband says, "noooooo. i love summer. fall means i'm back teaching at school and stressed out!" so i am trying to just enjoy summer instead of trying to wish it away. but it's hard when the weather channel says it's  88 degrees but feels like 98 degrees. at 10:30 in the morning??!! geesh, weather. come on fall!!! (maybe my husband won't see that one ; ))

so next post i will show you some of the latest happenings around here. for now i am just too lazy too busy to upload and edit my pictures. sorry, total honesty here. well, okay somewhat honesty. : ) it's true, i really just don't feel like the hassle of editing my photos and i know y'all would appreciate nice edited photos much more than the good-for-nothing pictures my camera likes to take. aaaaanywaaayyy, i will probably feel more inclined to do it later... or tomorrow... or something... if you really miss pictures you can go here and look through some beautiful pictures that other people took in my pinterest account. or you can be awesome and browse through my blog : ) there is a list of every post waaaay down at the very bottom. either option is good. it just really depends on what your little heart desires.

be back soon with projects. i promise!


  1. I'm with you girl, I absolutely love the fall! I never appreciated it when I lived in VA and I actually had the season. Now that I live in TX I regret not taking advantage of the season, which is probably why I over love it these days.

    You do have a lot of exciting things coming up to look forward to!!! Happy birthday AND happy Anniversary!!!

  2. It sounds like things are going great for ya'll! I will continue to send good prayers your way and I pray that ya'll get the car paid off! It sounds like ya'll are having a great summer so far and so much to look forward too! Fall happens to be my favorite season as well, so I know what you mean. =D


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