Thursday, July 7, 2011

my new shower curtain; a love story.

this is a story of love, loss, and eventually a happy ending. i promise.

recently i showed you my bathroom changes and my inspiration picture. originally i thought i wanted a grey and kinda peachy/coral-y color together with white. then i saw my inspiration picture and i wanted to add that lovely blue with it. i had wanted to find a white and peach/coral striped shower curtain, but i didn't find one anywhere. so i was going to make one. i figured people have painted fabric before and it would work. then when i saw my inspiration picture

(couldn't resist. it's gorgeous!)

i decided i wanted a white and blue curtain like they did. this is where it gets fun.

i had been to target about 4 times in the recent past. every time i had somehow made it to the bath aisle to look for shower curtains for other people. every time i saw this curtain and was drawn to it. i wasn't looking for a white and blue curtain, i was looking for a peachy one. so even though every time i saw it i loved it and thought it was so pretty, i just walked away thinking it wasn't what i was looking for. so now that i WAS looking for a blue curtain, i had forgotten about that one. well, not for long.

i was reading i heart organizing a little while after the search for the shower curtain was under way. she was the one who brought us this beautiful office nook

yah remember that? gorgeous. she took a closet and made an office that i completely envy. well anywayyy, she showed her guest bath and i fell in LOVE with her shower curtain. you can see here where i pinned it and said so.  i realized it was the one i had seen at target and was drawn to every. single. time. i knew then that i had to make this shower curtain mine. then sad news came. it was in my target store but guess how much it was. if you guessed $30 you were right. 30 bucks for a curtain? no, i knew my husband wouldn't go for it. i was right.

well, i was pretty much right. what he said was, "well i can tell you love it a lot. i think it's a lot for a curtain, but if you love it you can have it. you decide pretty girl." (yah he calls me pretty girl all the time. he's done it forever. i like it. : )) psh. so of COURSE i have to decide no because he's left me to make the rational decision here and i don't want to let him down. so i say, ohhhweeeelllll. i will find another curtain i love as much soooome daaayyyyy.... (you know that feeling, right? you know it probably isn't true and you know you'll look back on this moment and say, dang it i should have bought that thing i loved so much!)

well i couldn't let that be "it". i had to keep trying. i was in love and i needed this curtain to be mine. so i did a search online in an act of desperation. i know i am sounding completely dramatic here, but when i find something perfect for my space i'm working on, i feel dramatic and desperate to get it. i have this crazy thing about me where once my mind is set on something, nothing else is as good "that thing". i'm thinking of seeing a doctor. so anyway, guess what happened. go ahead guess.

my search paid off!!! somebody was selling this beauty on ebay for $15! yep, half price. i snatched it up immediately and paid $5 for shipping. so i paid $20 for a $30 curtain. sure in the big scheme of things, what's $10? but i think it was more the principle of the thing. it's somewhat reasonable to spend 20 bucks on a shower curtain that you love... but $30 for a piece of fabric to hang just seems like too much no matter how many times i've made eyes at that curtain. so needless to say, i did a jumping up and down excited dance : )

a few short days later my curtain arrived AHEAD of schedule! i promptly threw it in the dryer with a wet rag (a clean one) to get the wrinkles out and it was hanging in my bathroom before the hour was out. i love love love LOVE this curtain. i mean, just look for yourselves

seriously? i know. i LOVE this pattern and these colors. so. beautiful.

i had these hammered curtain hooks before on my old shower curtain, but i love them even more now that they are teamed with my new curtain. i fell in love with them all over again.

the curtain is light and beautiful and makes a big difference. i still love the old curtain, just not in this space anymore. in fact, i already finished a project with it that i will show soon. but look at the difference.

i love the dark blue curtain, but i wanted to bring more light into the space since i painted it grey in there. it's softer and prettier. i have a few other things to do in there, then i'll be able to call it done. i'm waiting until my birthday at the end of the month so i can spend my birthday money on new decor stuff. so excited! my birthday is july 28th for anybody who would like to send presents ; ) i also accept cash and gift cards.

i wish everyone could come see how pretty my curtain is in person! LOVE IT!!! : )


  1. Oh you're right, this curtain is so fantastic! I love the design and how much bigger the room looks with just the simple switch! Good shoppin' girl!

  2. wow, what a big difference changing out the shower curtain made. i love your bathroom and the painted cabinet. so pretty!!


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