Monday, July 25, 2011

3 years. : )

today is the third anniversary of the day i married my husband. 3 years ago we stood in a garden in downtown atlanta and promised to be married to each other. i promised to respect him as the head of the home as Jesus is the head of the church. he promised to love me as Christ loves his church. well, he is doing a much better job keeping his promise. there are times i admit that i want to be in charge. i want to decide things because i think i know better. there have been times i've gone running down a path hoping for phil to catch up because i just "know" that this is where we should be going. it doesn't matter if we're going in the right direction or not, when i do that i lose my protection. phil is the head of the home, and he stands as my protector.. he is a covering over me to keep me safe. i try to remember that now, so i don't take off running without him. i need to remember my place in the home and my promise to respect him and his place. when we are in the places God made for us, we can't go wrong.

phil has pretty much kept his promise perfectly. i have no doubt that he loves me. he listens to me, he does activities that he would consider boring just because i like them, he supports me in everything, he provides for our little family, he never complains about the fact that i stay at home, he helps me around the home even though he works and i stay home and never complains about that either, he lets me paint everything we have and then says things like "it looks cool" instead of calling me crazy, he trusts me to take some risks around the home and no matter what i do he tries to like it, he trusts me when i hear from the Lord about something and he doesn't question me.. and the thing i think i appreciate the most is that this past year when i just felt God telling me to stay at home and just be phil's wife during this time, phil never questioned it and never ever pressured me to get a job. even when things looked pretty bad and i questioned myself and thought, "did God really say that to me?" (which by the way is what the devil asked eve in the garden, so this has been his tool forever.. so watch out when you hear this in your head. just sayin.) and i started looking around for a job again (and one never came), phil never ever put pressure on me to do that. and when i told him that i don't think my blog will ever be one that brings in money he said, "i just want you to do what you love and i don't care if it never makes a cent," which still brings tears to my eyes that he loves me that much so he just wants me to be happy and do what i love, no matter what. and hopefully sometime in the not so distant future he will support me in my greatest passion and desire, which is to be a mother. he is already supporting me in this of course, but i just mean when i am in that actual role as the mother of his children, i know he will be my greatest support and will be our provider and protector (besides the Lord of course).

there is no doubt in my mind that i chose the best man for the job of being my husband. he is the best at loving me and -bonus- he is great at dealing with my crazy : ). mostly that means he lets me be a little crazy, but then he is like okay jessica, reeeeign it in girl. but somehow i feel supported even when he is helping me reign myself back in.. he is the best husband. happy anniversary phil!!! : )

3 years married and still dancing at weddings : )


  1. It sounds like you have a great husband! Happy anniversary to ya'll! =D

  2. This is such a sweet post! Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary friend! :) I hope you guys have a wonderful anniversary!


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