Saturday, July 30, 2011

last birthday post. i promise.

this post is just to show you what i did on my birthday. then i will stop talking about my birthday. and dragging it on. and on. : )

i woke up to this:

yep, that's chick fil a breakfast and 2 dozen roses all over the apartment. and an origami dog haha : ) i have the best husband. for real. this is not debatable. 

then after i ate i watched this for awhile

i love this show. i was awake early. hate me if you want, but this was a good birthday morning for me : )

then my sister came over and we went to the mall. if you have ever heard of/ever been to the store charming charlie you can understand why this is a big deal. if you don't know what it is, let me enlighten you. you know those stores like claire's and the icing in the mall? they are like, itty bitty and they have jewelry and purses, but everything is semi cheap looking and they are kind of kid-ish stores? well, charming charlie is an accessory store like that, but about 7 bagillion times better. it is the. best. store. just listen. they have only what can be called "stations" all over a huuuge store. it's basically a big table with shelves underneath. and let me tell you, every spot and shelf is filled with something. and they are all divided by, get this, color. so if you think, eh i need a blue necklace. you go to the blue table and they have about 50 of the cutest blue necklaces you have ever seen. i should have taken a picture. it is such an adorable girly store. you can buy purses, jewelry, shoes and even clothes there. all divided by color and genre. you know, there is the "prom" table and the "rocker chick" table.. stuff like that. it. is. awesome. and of course there are about 50 crystal chandeliers lighting the store. shut. up. just, seriously. find out if you have one nearby and go. greatest invention for a girl i've seen yet.

so i bought a cute shirt for my evening endeavors and my sister bought my 2 pairs of earrings. it was so hard to choose. seriously, that's the only downside of this store. there are so many choices and you canNOT stop looking around for a minute to focus. everything is just begging you to look at it. man it's fun.

then my sister took me to tropical joe's smoothie place. so. yummy. i got a chocolate and peanut butter smoothie. to die for. shut right up. go get one. you'll thank me later.

then the BEST PART. my husband and sister took me to (get ready for this...) RASCAL FLATTS!! i have been dying to go to one of their concerts for aaaages. for real. my sister has gone 5 times now and i had never even gone once. and i got jealous every time she got to go. well. not this time friends. : )

here we are, waiting for flatts!! this is my beautiful sister rebecca : ) it was hot. like, hot beyond what is necessary. and we were on the lawn. in the sun. but we still had so. much. fun!!

me and phil!! and this is my cute shirt i got from charming charlie by the way : ) oh, and the earrings too! (go there.)

so we were so hot that i was just like, Lord for real please do something about this. it was way too hot for my liking. so guess what happened. it rained : ) it was sort of a heavy rain for a little bit, then it just sprinkled on us until the sun went down. nobody seemed to mind and it was nice because we were all cooled off. although it left us looking like this

photo courtesy of melissa : )
i know, my sister still looks perfect. that's why we hate her. : )

see? you can tell we really were pretty wet. my sister is just annoyingly cute and still looks like normal.
this photo also courtesy of melissa : )

melissa also still looks super cute. annoying. : )

here they are. the flatts themselves : ) this is also melissa's picture. i was poor at taking pictures post-rain. i guess i was just having too much fun to think about it. it was so great!

so that's what i did on my birthday. that's the end. it was a pretty good day. now i'm 25! yikes!


  1. OHHH FUN!! Shopping, roses, Bones AND Rascal Flatts...lucky birthday girl. Happy 25th!

  2. Sounds like an amazing birthday! I love Charming Charlie too!!! I get lost in there....for daaaaaayys!

  3. Looks and sounds like you had a great birthday!!!! =D

  4. Looks like it was a totally awesome birthday!! :) I love Bones too - I've been watching it on Netflix religiously lately! :)


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