Thursday, July 14, 2011


this is a serious problem here. i need help deciding about a color. i know, always the dilemma for a decorator. but for real, i am kinda stumped here! (no this isn't about my new stump i just got).

okay i have these side tables in my bedroom, right?

well i decided i wanted to put glass on the top to make it a little more formal looking... or something.. i don't know exactly the term i was going for, i just know the look i was going for. well, one day i was thinking in the shower (this is where a lot of my good ideas hit me) and i thought about how i don't want to get glass cut especially for the table because hello, expensive. so i thought i could buy some wood boards and spray them with some really shiny silver paint and that would add the bit of reflectiveness and formality (or whatever) that i want there.

oh, and i forgot to mention my hairy cat hobbes likes to sit on the tables. i have NO idea why. he sits there and gets fur all over the table cloths. crazy cat.. so i figured with glass or something, i could just dust it and it would be easier than getting the hair off the fabric.

so i went to home depot and bought two wooden boards for $5 a piece. they cut them for me right there to the exact size i needed. i bought some krylon metallic silver paint, and i sanded and painted the boards. i didn't buy finish yet, so maybe it'll be better once i put some finish on them. but here they are

you can see the wood grain, which i think is actually kinda cool. i'm just not sure about the color though. i have a lot of brown in that room and i wonder if i should have gone with some sort of bronze-y kind of paint. or was this a bad idea and i should just find something else to do with these guys and stick to the original plan of glass? will adding finish change it a lot? see, i just don't know these things and i need some advice. i will be putting finish on them anyway since hobbes still enjoys sitting up there and i don't want his little claws ruining them.

so what do y'all think?

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  1. That is a tough one. If you have a lot of wood colors you might want to stick with that color theme and finish the wood. I think you can buy different shades of finishes to match the color you like best.


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