Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a quarter of a century.

tomorrow is my birthday! i know, you're all happy because that means the birthday announcements will finally come to an end. but there is a purpose this time! my husband already let me have my birthday present which, as you know from this post was a shopping trip to IKEA!! oh my gosh, it was so fun. i think that makes it the 4th time i've been to this atlanta IKEA and it was the absolute fastest i have ever gone through that place. it was a little sad to just run through it and not really look at everything again since that's half the fun, but i was paranoid that the things i wanted would be gone by the time i got to the "shopping" part. i know, crazy right? they have about a million of everything, but i knew i wouldn't feel better until i had everything i wanted in my hands.

so then of course, as soon as we got home everything got put in its "place". i'm talking, we walked in, set our stuff down, pat the head of a cat or two and i ripped into my stuff. about 30 minutes later everything was as it should be : ) here's what i got!!!

this is what my living room looked like before IKEA

and after!!
i apologize for the picture quality in these photos.. it's difficult to take a picture of a room with little light facing a big window. trust me.

i bought:
a blanket
2 pillow covers
1 feather cushion
coffee table
2 plants
2 plant pots
2 trays
1 set of 17 pieces of storage containers

all for the low price of $125. i know, IKEA is amazing. for real. and they aren't even paying me to say this. that is a whooole lotta stuff for that price. it was awesome. i felt like just adding the lack coffee table (for $20!!!) changed my apartment completely. and now i have somewhere for my feet to sit when i type up my blog while sitting on my sofa : ) you know what else i love about IKEA? their stuff is good quality. look at this stuff

adorable good quality stuff, right? i know!! i don't think i've ever made that amount of money stretch so far. geesh i love that place. i need to go back. like, 7 more times. there is still so much stuff i want there! i know what you're thinking, how could there be anything else left? but that's the beauty of it. it's so huge and there is so much stuff, there is always something more to want to bring home. best. place. ever.

seriously, if you have one nearby, go. that's all i have to say on the matter : )


  1. I love, love, love it! It looks like I need to find out if there is an Ikea in my area and go check it out! =D It looks great! You picked out awesome decor!

  2. i puffy gigantic heart love me some ikea. i love the one in atlanta too! my auntie kay and i always go to that one when i visit her in georgia! i have to come with absolutely nothing because i gotta leave room to haul all that stuff back to louisiana! i love the lacy flower pot the most i think... or maybe the coffee table... or that tray. oh heck - i love it all! looks awesome! happy birthday!!

  3. LOL I love your passion for IKEA, I guess I need to check it out more. I've only been there a handful of times but every time I'm super overwhelmed. I love all the products you got; you really did make the dollar stretch! By the way, *HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!*

  4. we have the same birthday! which means we're destined to be blog friends, in my book :)


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