Saturday, June 11, 2011

the other de-red-ification.

well. gee. first let me say this; thank you guys so much for all your kind words! i know people are always like, "oh gee it means so much to me" and you think, yah yah. but seriously SERIOUSLY listen when i say it meant so so SO much to me to read all your kind words. it really did make me feel like i am doing a good job on my blog and gave me so much more confidence in it. you guys are the best! : ) for real, you are. if i could bottle up those words and hear them any time i was down, i would so do it. so again, thanks for being the sweetest and best people on earth : )

so yesterday i showed you the bathroom and my process of getting that darn red out of there. i think that sometimes the best time to go about something is spur of the moment. this is how it happened: i went to my parents' house to help my mom paint the office. it was that plain old builder beige that we all love so much and i swear it looks pink. ick! who thought up that color? hmm.. anyway, so it was such a relief to paint over that beige and it just seemed like hey, she is so much happier with this office and i want to feel better about my home too! so when i got home i was bound and determined to stuff all that red stuff in a box. i didn't know what would replace it or what colors i would use but i just said enough with the red already!

that's when i looked around and said, hmm... now what? okay so the red is gone, now how do i get it to look not empty in here? i mean, preferably for free. the answer to all my problems was some paint (of course. what problem does one have that paint won't help a little?) and some creativity. and some fur. and some hot glue. and a couple hours. you add all that together and you get a red-free home! yay!

i started here

i decided i loved my apple too much to just put it away, so i wanted to paint it. i had some green from another project and i said, hey apples can be green. so it got a green paint makeover. then the red flowers got put into a box and may make an appearance on the christmas tree. i wasn't sure what i was going to put into the pretty vase i have there that i stole my mom gave to me and since my budget was zero, i did what i've seen other bloggers do; i went outside and collected sticks. after washing and arranging them in a nice manner (and adding a pretty bird) i was left with this

i love that little apple! well, okay huge giant apple.. but little compared to like, me. so then i decided to change my table centerpiece. i had already changed my mantel and it went from this

to this

so since i had "borrowed" the pitcher from the table, it needed to be changed around too. so it went from this

to this:

feeling so much better already! then this part was a tiny bit sad.. i had made this lamp

from an old purple lamp here. it was one of my first attempts at something like that, but hey it had red on it. rules are rules. so i chopped it apart and changed the shape of it. then i painted the chain and hangy ball and covered the top in fur with my hot glue gun. that things works magic i tell ya. i was left with this little cutie pa-tutie:

so then i wasn't quite as sad : ) it is adorable to me and the most imprtant thing to remember; it's not red. yesssssss. since i love my fur and glue gun so much i decided my sofa called for a furry pillow as well. i took the red pillows off and i used one to cover the front in fur. the back is still red but you can't really see it, so it's not breaking the rules. it's not! okay, maybe... but i'll probably add a backing and some cute trim.. eventually. so after removing hobbes from his napping place (poor guy) i went to work on the sofa.

i was also given some pillows my mom was getting rid of. one was a blue sweater-like texture and has a feather insert. ummm, hello! yes, i will take that thank you! so here is my new living space (red-free!!)

if you see the top shelf on the bookcase, yes that was me seeing if i wanted the back of it painted. turns out i wanted the whole thing painted, but that is another post for another time : ) (yes mom, i know i paint EVERYTHING. she always makes fun of me for this. what can i say? i like painting stuff!)

so lesson learned: if something is bugging you just fix it! shove it in a box or paint it and you will like it so much better. what a good lesson. : )


  1. I love, love, love it! You did great Jessica! =D

  2. Love the painted apple. It turned out really cute in green.


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