Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the ol' to-do list.

awhile ago i posted a list of things to do around here. they were things i was hoping to get done pretty quickly.... yah... some of these things just didn't work out that way. but i figured i should do a little update. 1) so everyone is kept in the loop and 2) because maybe it'll help get my little tooshie in gear. i have lots of plans, but not a whole lot of action. one reason is because of the ol' money situation, but the other is because i just don't feel like doing some of these things. i wish i could just wish them done... hmm.. i don't think that's gonna work.

here we go, here's the update

**note: the fonts and sizes switch around in this post. i have NO idea why... i tried to fix it but it wanted to be this way. so i just let it. don't judge, it was being difficult. it's late. i don't know why i'm writing a blog at 10 o'clock at night because things like this happen... hopefully it won't make anybody cancel their "following" to my blog. my little heart would surely break. if it's really upsetting maybe i can try to edit and fix it at a time when my little eyeballs have had rest and aren't frustrated looking at crazy sizes and fonts that aren't supposed to be there.. : )

1. this month i am finally going to put the knobs on my dresser. i mean it. this is happening people. it must. it has been way too long waiting for this to be finished. it just drilling some holes and screwing knobs in jessica. get with it.
hahahaha this cracks me up. not because i am funny but because this is STILL not done. the knobs are, you guessed it, STILL sitting on TOP of the dresser waiting to have their little selves installed. i have to drill holes first. i have no drill. i have to borrow it from my stepdad. in order to do that, i have to remember to get it while i'm there. there is my dilemma. apparently i have no memory while i am there. sheesh.
2. i want to change the guest bathroom around... put new color in there. maybe paint. i don't know. i like everything to be painted even though i have to paint it aaaaall back when we move. but i can't help it! oops... this is a to-do list. not a place where i defend my paint-crazy. anyway, i have chosen colors i think but i don't want to say just yet. maybe it'll be a surprise once it's done. i just found a crazy awesome color combo that i am so in love with, but i am afraid it's getting popular and then everyone will have it. i know that is silly, but i don't want my home to look like every other person's home in the world!
this is kind of done!! i painted the walls and took all the red out (go a few posts back if you don't believe me!) but i feel like it is unfair to call it done. it doesn't really deserve a line through it because i have quite a few things to do in there yet. mainly my favorite thing, accesorizing! once again, the money (or lack of) prevents this from being accomplished but guess what july is. go ahead guess! it's MY BIRTHDAY!! yep, my birthday and anniversary at the end of july so guess what i am doing. making phil take me to the atlanta IKEA for the day and buying all KINDS of lovely things!! yay! bathroom things are already on the list : )
also i have chosen a color scheme for the bathroom and it isn't just grey and white. it's gonna be gor. geous. for real.
3. i am going to put lamp shades on these guys:
if you click the link at the top to see the list in all its glory when it was first posted you will see this is speaking about my track lights on my ceiling in my living/family/dining room. i don't like them and i would like drum shades on them. or some totally awesome giant huge drum shade big enough to go around the whole thing. how awesome. i would most likely have to find a way to make it though considering something like that would come with a hefty bill. needless to say, this isn't done yet. : /
4. i want to put some sort of scripture or something on this wall
yah. not done. BUT it's because i've been thinking of painting the builder beige walls a light grey. change it from yellowy-pink to a cool lovely grey. in order to do the scripture on the wall, i would have to paint everything first. which means my entire living space basically. you can see why i am putting this off, right?
5. create artwork for both bathrooms... i have an idea for this! i am excited!
one bathroom is done! now just to figure out what to do in the other one... tricky. all these projects kind of overwhelm me so i am thinking about just buying something from marshalls or something like that. i don't know. maybe i'll get with it and make it. i need to be inspired first... waiting inspiration! come hit me please!
6. finish/fix the horrendous job i did on our sad office chair. this is thankfully in process now. i ordered something (!!!!) for it to be fixed, and i sure hope it works.. if it does i will be so happy!!! and it'll be really cool.
this is totally done! remember emily my cute furry sassy little chair? yep, aaaall finished! finally one i can cross off the list! geesh!
7. finish the kitchen cabinets. sadly i must admit that i have not finished these yet... i am being a bum about it. there are only two little sections left! come on me! hmm... i just don't feel like it. tomorrow morning i am recruiting phil and we are finishing it. end of story.!
oh you KNOW this has been finished. yep, you can look here and see for yourself! : )
8. finish the headboard... there might be a light at the end of this tunnel! this might also get some work done on it tomorrow. we'll seeeeeeee : )
ummm. there is a reason this isn't done. it's called that the "headboard" has to be cut down about 6 inches because there is a window next to the bed. it was too long so it was overlapping with the window. if i could cut it myself it would be done. however i cannot cut it myself. so it is now in my parents' basement (sad!) and has been there since this original list post. yep. waiting for my extremely crazy busy stepdad to have a spare minute to cut it. hasn't happened yet : ( it will soon though, i am determined! i paid for the thing, i have the paint and everything. just the cutting needs to happen. i will have to bribe him with some cookies or something... hm..
9. buy and hang new curtains for bedroom and sunroom.. this consists of buying new rods to fit the large windows... which usually costs a good chunk of change so it might not be happening for awhile.
this will be done by the end of this month i think. don't quote me. i found cheap sheers and rods, i just have to get the money together to make the purchase. exactly. i would make them but well, i don't really want to. some nice people told me how to make my own rods and i have seen a few tutorials but in the end i would rather just buy rods with all the pieces. i found some super cheap ones at IKEA (of course) so i think they will do just fine. come on, money!
10. buy new and way more awesome throw pillows... just because i want to. : )
i have my little eye on some ; ) just waiting for you-know-what. i am sensing a terrible theme here....
11. make a side table and perhaps some sort of coffee table. i have some inspiration for both of these projects.. now just if i had some money..... hmm.. where can i get some of that?
i think i changed my mind about this. i liked my ideas but maybe at a time when i have more money to spend on craft-y things. right now i just want to get a cheap, nice-sized table for the living room. i am just afraid the ideas may not work out and i would have wasted that money and now is not a time when i have ANY kind of money to waste.
12. get cheap glass tops (somehow... how do i do that?) for our dining room table and our side tables next to the bed.
i still want to get a glass round for our dining table. i found some at pier 1. who wants to send me the money to get it? : ) i changed my mind about the tops for my bed-side tables though. i have a cool idea. super excited about it! best part? it's gonna be waaayyy cheaper than glass. yessss : )
13. paint dining room table.
i want to do this but i might wait until i've painted more pieces of furniture before i trust myself with something we use EVERY day. plus, i would like to have the glass top to protect the paint job before i put the work into painting.
14. do something about our little tv stand.... it needs assistance.
i just got a cool idea for this as i was typing. it seems like a fun project so it might actually get done sooner  than later. yay!
15. take backing off of the book shelf (it's some kind of poster-y paper-y substance that is torn) and replace with something cool.. maybe beadboard... then paint it a fabulous color perhaps. who knows.
i am calling this done for now. mostly because i wanted to be able to cross another thing off my list so i didn't feel so bad... but it is done for NOW anyway. when it gets important enough to get put on a new list then it'll be a totally different separate-from-this-one project... yah, i'm not fooling me either. but i DID do something about this. not as much as i wanted to, but it looks a jillion times better. you can see here that it may not be the project i would have liked but it's totally working for me.

so here it is.. my sad list i made like, 2 months ago. still not done... *sigh*. but i guess it's a good thing since i love doing these projects. i mean, what would i do with myself if everything was done? that would be a weird day... thankfully i don't think i'll get to that day any time soon : )


  1. This is an ambitious list! I wouldn't have finished it either; however, I am looking forward to looking at all the pictures of the finished products :-) Go Jessica Go!

  2. this sooo inspired me to write my list out! i worked on it all day and then realized that there is never enough time or money at the same time to get all that done so i will just keep chipping away!

    the other day my dad said to me "skye if you finish it all then there won't be anything to do.. so don't rush into it!" he is right! i'd rather take my time and enjoy the process and make the memories than rush through getting it all finished. and i totally hear you on the money stuff - i can only do a few things at a time so i have to pick and choose what is most important to me to finish first! and trust me - 2 months is not a long time. ive been here a year and i have just now crossed off one room on my list! :)


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