Monday, June 20, 2011


i really hate doing things that a billion other people are doing. it's kind of annoying that i am like this because i am not the most creative or original person alive. i just can't help it though! if i see something i like but i know about a zillion other people have already done it, i feel the need to avoid it like the plague. okay for example, garden stools are the cutest little things under the sun. i love them! i think they are completely adorable and i would like about 7 of them. however, every woman blogger and her mother has one. so i think to myself, eh it's been done. i don't want to get one since every other person in the world has one.... lame, i know. but true. i just don't want my home to look like ever other person on the planet's home. i also don't want to be like every other person on the planet. i want to do different things. too bad i'm not awesome enough to actually come up with all those things. oh well.

so all that being said, when i saw people joining pinterest all over the place i said, i am so not doing that. (this is also the reason i don't have a twitter account. also because i don't think people need to know what i am doing every moment, but that's just me.) but then the other evening i was looking for inspiration for my guest bath and some artwork. then i was looking around for some baby nursery inspiration (not pregnant, i just like to look forward to when we are someday!) and i realized i really WOULD like a place where i can save all my inspiration easily without saving it to my actual computer (space gets used up quickly!). so i told myself to stop being a sassy little brat and i requested an invite. i heard it takes awhile, but about 20 minutes later i was pinning things to my account.

i am not writing this here to you "follow" me on pinterest. i just found some things that inspire me and i thought y'all might like them too. the LAST thing i need is another competition of whose "something" is better that somebody else's "something" and who has more people following "it" and who can be the absolute most inspiring. to me this website is not about that. it's about a place where i put my inspiration and things i really want in real life so i can remember it all! i see great ideas, then forget all about them. well not anymore! HA! so that's my schpiel. i so do not want to make this website into "hey she has more people following hers" or "oh man, her inspirations are so much better than mine!" or "oh i should be inspired by the things that inspire her because she is a better designer than me". no way. fun and inspiration only! this should never be a stressful competition because that makes it not fun. and what is the purpose of design and decorating for me? it's fun!! zero stress allowed. : )

can i just mention though, after one night of pinning things i like i have realized a major trend..

check it out and see if you can tell what the trend is : )

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  1. I feel the same way Jessica! I don’t want to follow the crowd. What is a garden stool though? I don’t know what that is. I have also been viewing everyone’s love for pinterest. Is it worth it? Should I request an invitation too? Is it hard to navigate and learn?


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