Wednesday, June 22, 2011

what makes you mad?

i am wondering what makes people mad. i think sometimes i blow things out of proportion... ok i know i do. and often. i don't try to. it generally happens when i am either stressed or super hungry. apparently i am more irritable at those times. well today my poor husband caught me at both.

i am working on the guest bathroom today and a couple other little things around the house. i have been working since this morning on getting all my curtains wrinkle-free. i have also been painting and some other things i will blog about soon on here.

well last night i had to chop up all our chicken. we get a huge thing full of chicken breasts at the grocery store and before i freeze them, i cut all the fat off and if i know it'll go in something like a salad, i chop it in little pieces. if i know i'll need a whole breast i trim the fat and call it done. then i put each meal's chicken in it's own freezer bag. well last night we had chicken breasts and i spent extra time chopping up chicken for a chicken salad we were to have tonight. i decided i would just cook it real fast while the other chicken cooked, then i could save it in the fridge and make it today. easy...

about 30 minutes ago i went to make my chicken salad. now, let me explain. i HATE spending lots of time in the kitchen. i hate chopping things. i hate cooking them. i hate doing dishes after i do that. i hate it all. i don't know why. i blame my teeny tiny kitchen. also, i plan every meal in advance before we go shopping. i make sure i have just enough for each meal so we won't spend extra money and waste food. well, as i am sure you have guessed, my chicken was gone when i went to make the salad.

"where was it?", you ask. in my husband's lunch at school. so many things wrong with this. 1) he took plain chopped chicken in a container for lunch. 2) i now have no dinner for tonight. 3) i labored chopping that chicken and cooking it. okay, maybe i didn't work THAT hard, but i sure hated doing it. and i have nothing to show for it and no dinner. sheesh. 4) a whole dinner is gone out the window, so my budget is totally off now. dang it. 5) i can't think of a fifth reason, but there probably is one.

now, i don't blame my husband at all. it's not his fault. i should have told him what it was for. it's just situations like these that make me feel upset and mad. why? i don't know. it's just some chicken. who cares, right? well for some unknown reason i care. that is why i am wondering, what makes you guys mad? what's something you feel like is irrational but you don't care, it makes you upset just the same? please tell me and make me feel better about being angry over chicken here people. : )


  1. Something that makes me mad when i'm in the kitchen is when I have decided what i'm going to make for dinner, thawed out the food, etc. and then go to make it and realize i'm missing ONE ingredient. I get soo angry, I try and tell myself it's just one thing, i can make it without it or whip up something else, but in my eyes the point was I told hubby this is what i was making, this is what i was looking forward to all day and then i somehow managed to skip over that one ingredient when I was making sure I had everything.

    So trust me, it's completely normal to get mad over chicken. :)

  2. I hear ya! That would grate my nerves a little too, even if it is "just chicken". Something that bothers me that my husband does (and I know is weird but it still bugs me) is he leaves packs of (unchewed) gum in the center console in the car. For some reason I think it's so trashy! Also, I don't like getting in a car that has been sitting all day in 105 temps and being slammed in the face with the smell of a bazillion packets (in all different flavors mind you) of gum. This just sends me over the edge even when I tell myself over and over again IT'S JUST GUM DARBY! Maybe I'm just nuts?

  3. hmmm... what makes me angry is when my husband comes in right after i have cleaned off my dining room table and unloads a days worth of gum wrappers, receipts, pens, papers and the like on it. he has his own little nest in the laundry room and for some reason he has to unload right there on the table for everyone to see! it is sooo annoying and drives me bonkers!

  4. Don't worry it's normal to be angry at something that appears to be meaningless but to you it feels real important. Believe me I have days where I feel like that too. Highly irritable and just get overwhelming upset over things that my husband otherwise thinks is no big deal. I think it's just something that's inherent in us females. We express frustration a different way over things that men might otherwise deem unimportant. So I feel you sistah! :)


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